Black Pearl

11:27 AM

Lace top from Sparkle Shop // Black shorts from Vivi Fashion
Black wedges from Hong Kong // Watch from Sophie Paris

Another fun and exciting week has ended. A week full of deadlines, events, and new opportunities. Looks like June would be a good month for business. *crosses fingers*

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I thought I would go for quite a sophisticated look but my nails just failed at it cause I'm recently in love with this color! It gives a lot of good vibes! Nail polish is from Tony Moly by the way! ;)


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10 name tags

  1. Love your top and those cool black wedges! :D

  2. I love the b&w and last photo, dear! So pretty!!

  3. I love the whole outfit especially the shoes. You are so pretty by the way. Hyped and fanned. :)

  4. Why are you so pretty Carizza?! :-) I love that top BTW. <3

  5. Love the top! It will take me sometime to wear that perfectly! :D And by the way, you look pretty :)

  6. gorgeous and beautiful!!! ^___^