Ditched my heels for Banana Peel today!

12:38 PM

I love shoes! Especially sky rocketing heels cause it makes me look taller and sexier. But I have to admit they do hurt my feet!

Today is a special day. A break from programming and staring on my laptop. A perfect time to walk out in the sunlight. I guess I need to enjoy this time with my family walking and strolling all day so I opted to wear my favorites - Banana Peel!

From left: Forever Mine - Heavent Scent White (P200.00) and Hello Kitty Georgeous (P360.00)

Did you know that Banana Peel is the country’s first flip flop concept store? I'm a Banana Peel fan for almost 4 years now. I love the chic and cool designs and their character flip flops too! They have different Disney characters, Mr. Men/Little Miss, and Sanrio! Hurray for affordable Hello Kitty flip flops (I am a true undying fan). I always visit their store to check their Sanrio designs. 

I hope someday they'd release Sugarbunnies too :3 OMG that would be awesome, cause honestly I dont have budget for expensive cutie flip flops.

Forever Mine Heaven Scent comes in two different colors. It has a cute bow embellishment that I could not resist! Check out their other pairs with pretty embellishments! And Georgeous Hello Kitty pair comes with a FREE printed flip flop bag. Yay!

Quality wise, I would say that they are really good and you can use a pair for a year, especially if you use it primarily at home.

These cute pair is just too cute to stay indoors. They're ready to go out!

I give these pairs high marks for design, affordability, and availability. Banana Peel have 25 branches nationwide and still expanding. It's the country’s largest specialty retailer of flip flops and you'll see them almost at every mall!

Like them on Facebook. To view their products and get more info, visit http://www.bananapeel.net.

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  1. Awww... So cute!!! I love Hello Kitty!!! ^__^

  2. Yay!!! ^__^

  3. i love  flip flops. They let me feel so relax. I like the designs of Banana Peel as you've shown in your pics. Hope to get one later. Haven't owned a Banana peel yet!:)

  4. oh nooo! there's hello kitty! classmates back in school used to call me "pusa" because i am very very fond of HK! haha


  5. When the flipflops craze hit the Philippines, Banana Peel was my go to brand too. I didn't see any point in spending exorbitant amounts for a pair of slippers. Cute din naman yung banana peel! hehehe I like the pair with the bow. Hmmm.. Should I buy or not? hahaha ;D Temptation...

  6. this is soooo cute! the ribbon reminds me of hello kitty! looove <3
    i'll check this out, there's a banana peel branch in the mall beside our house :p

  7. great! they're almost everywhere~ hope you'll find the best pair for you ;)

  8. i agree, still no guilt even if you buy 3 pairs at once!

  9. same here. im a hello kitty addict too! haha

  10. good, go ahead and check out their latest pairs at a branch near you ;)

  11. ahaha! We can't be blamed if HK is too hard to resist. haha! I really like your blog. cute stuffs that are really hard to resist. ;) 

  12. pls donate the kitty slippers to me

  13. Bridget MarowskiMay 15, 2012 at 10:17 PM

    Love the ones with the bow detail, super cute. 

  14. francesca romana capizziMay 16, 2012 at 3:49 AM

    ooooh these flip flops are adorable!!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  15. they have flipflops for kids too, your baby girl might like it :)

  16. hihi they have a lot more! visit bananapeel.net to view their catalog