Jiji and Oro's Pet Costume

12:49 AM

Meow! This is Orochan. Today, mommy is on leave and wont be able to do updates. She left her laptop here at home and I was able to press the power on. Now, it's the perfect time for me to shine! But please don't tell mommy that I used her laptop, ok?

Last night, mommy bought a red santa costume from Saizen. They said it was really pretty but I dont like it cause it has itchy bow design that looks so girly. 

Mommy placed the hoodie on me while I was sleeping. I really hate it when she makes fun of me while sleeping.

Hoodie was too small for me. Fail mommy.


"What are you doing to me????"

"I dont like it, it's too girly!!!"

Then mommy tried it on Jiji. I think he likes it.

Cause red is his favorite color.

Hahaha. Jiji is sooo gay in this photo but it looks better on him, right?

Mommy said she would like to get a bigger size of this design for Jiji's outfit on Christmas day. I wonder what she'll get for me. Not another girly outfit, please!

I have to go now and clean my paw prints on the keyboard. Hope you all like my entry!

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  1. Moahahahahha cute kitty cat!!! maybe i should get my boyfriend's cats kitty clothes too :)) but then again, he'll probably kill me if i even attempt this. ahahahahahah so cute!!!

  2. Hahahaha! What a cute post!
    I dress up my dog, too... If only he were still alive, he'd be wearing a new costume come Halloween. :(