Tony Moly Oriental Gyeol Emulsion

3:15 PM

What's on my table? Tony Moly Oriental Gyeol Emulsion

Tony Moly came up with a premium traditional Korean herbal Hanbang product line which addresses heat aging problems, prevents skin redness, detoxifies the skin, and skin smoothing.

It makes skin healthy and beautiful by taking care of the skin's three gyeols - SKIN (for smooth, revitalized skin), FIRMING (firm and healthy skin), and LUSTRE (glossy and hydrated skin).

A pea-sized amount can do wonders on your skin

12 kinds of herbal ingredients were combined and fermented for 24 months to fix skin problems. In addition, it contains deer antler collagen water that helps moisturize the skin and nourish it making it shiny and moist.

Main ingredients: Hirudinea Extract, Antler Collagen Water, and Cheongyeol Boyundan.

It has a pump nozzle that controls the amount of product to be used.

Oriental Gyeol Emulsion costs Php 1398 per bottle. It's a bit pricey but you'll get what you pay for. Reasonable price for a high quality emulsion.

On my first week of use, I actually noticed that my skin became soft and smooth especially on my cheeks. Now, my skin is moisturised, radiant, and firm. No drastic changes yet but I don't look stressed and tired anymore!

For best results, use the complete Oriental Gyeol line from Tony Moly. For more info, please visit their website and like their official fanpage on Facebook.

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  1. my goal is to have a glowing and pretty face like yours :D

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  3. Wow! This is one great product!

  4. aww!!! i wanna try it though it is expensive still a must try. Thanks babe.

  5. If this is what makes your skin so clear, then I definitely want to try it. You have fab skin, Carizza! I wish I looked that great in the morning :P

  6. head to the nearest tony moly branch and try it yourself :)

  7. not most of the time, but i always make sure I use emulsion at night to regain my skin's glow and energy :)

  8. absolutely ;) my mom bought her own bottle too