What's in my bag? (DKNY)

1:42 AM

It's a Town and Country Turnlock satchel day! I got it from Cherryblue Shop. It has a huge compartment and I am glad that an SLR can fit inside.

with a gold cross turnlock

Aside from the slr, I also have my In2it 2-way foundation, Carmex lip gloss, Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint, Etude House Bee Happy Hand Cream, Hello Kitty Card Holder, Canon digicam, and my wallet.

And yes, I don't bring most of my makeup with me. ;) Hope you like my first What's in my Bag entry!

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  1. ang cute ng camera its so tiny i love!! :D  haha
    Rovie, http://thebargaindoll.blogspot.com

  2. I don't bring much make anymore. Love your WIMB~ <3

  3. Hello Kitty Card Holder! Too cute! :) I don't bring much makeup when I'm out as well. lahat iniiwan sa bahay.