What's on my table? Firmoo Glasses!

2:48 PM

Hello my lovely readers? How was your 1st week of May? My week started with a great surprise from Firmoo. They gave me a fashionable cat eye shaped glasses! I'm totally in love with it!

Firmoo is the emerging global online optical store of prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Years of expertise in optical industry enable Firmoo to offer varieties of prescription eye wear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices.

Women’s full frame acetate eyeglasses 

Product Code: #CSMY8512
Color: Black
Price: $70.80

It comes with a nice eyeglass pouch with Firmoo logo on it, a plastic spectacle case, microfiber lens cloth, a small screwdriver, and extra screws.

The frame is made of high quality material and I'm sure it wont break easily. If you guys need fashionable eye wear, better check out Firmoo, they offer wide varieties of glasses to choose from for men and women. Not only that, they also delivery packages fast compared to other online stores.


Perfect fit on me. The lens actually look big, but yeah, that's exactly what it do. It gives a sweet grandma look that I wanted to achieve. Gray hair, please. XD

Thank you so much Michael of Firmoo. And guess what, he's proposing an exciting blog promo for you guys! Stay tuned!

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  1. Really Good Post!!

    We provide quality online prescription glasses to our customers with affordable prices. At our site, you will also be amazed with our excellent services.

  2. I've been hearing of this brand all over Twitter; and I've got to say that I love those cat sunglasses! I haven't really tried one and I don't know how I would look in it. But anyway, it suits you! :D Lucky you!

  3. I love it! I want to get one too but I'm not sure which would look good on me. My face is quite big and angular so I'm having a hard time choosing which frame is the best for me. That one looks uber nice on you! :D

  4. you can actually view the product on their website and use the Virtual Try on :)

  5.  Oh cool! I didn't know that. Will check it out soon! :)

  6. That's what i've been looking for. Mahirap makahanap ng ganyan dito e. I need to change eye glasses na. Thanks sa review sis.

  7. Those are really nice glasses! :D I still haven't tried wearing big glasses so I don't know if they'll look good on me, pero I want to try one some time too :D

  8. you picked an awesome pair of glasses from firmoo ;)

  9. you can test the product on their website and use the Virtual Try on :)

  10. gogogo yeah really hard to find good quality big eye glasses here

  11. Hmmm.. I guess on someone else it might look better but they totally don't look fitted right (looks too big) and the quality for a plastic frame only looks so so. Do you recommend purchasing again? I have a friend who ordered from them and she said 6 months later, the lens were loose and the print at the sides were rubbing off :(