Apparition by Happy Andrada

9:22 AM

Wafting the shadows and stepping into the light.

This is Happy Andrada's 2012 collection at Philippine Fashion Week last May 27, 2012 for Visions and Trends collection. 

Souls. Spirits. It was explendid.

Hair and makeup really matches the whole theme and those skulls that they're holding added a ghostly feeling. One of the best in the local runway this season.

What do you think of Happy Andrada's collection?

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8 name tags

  1. Kinda freakish.haha. Very creative though. :)

  2. Fierce! Great hots!

    Just followed you on GFC! J
    Hope I get a follow back. Thanks!

  3. So fierce!! Ang nice ng shots.. Oo nga sis bagay makeup sa outfit and the models are gorgeous!

  4. Her design is very unique. Great shots! :)

  5. I love the hair and makeup in teh show! :) You're right! It does match the theme very well. The floaty, draped dresses also look very good. I would love to see them up close! :)

  6. The design is totally unique!! :) Nice shots!

  7. I like the white ghostly concept. Hard to pull off but she did it! :D

  8. that is like a halloween fashion show .scary ones, huh.