Beauty with Skye Avenue!

12:27 PM

Last week, I got a pink package from the mail and it was from Skye Avenue! Skye Avenue is an online shop that sells authentic slimming products and other cosmetics like Ecorre, Nyx, Strip it, and Krave.

Here's what's: inside the package:

NYX lipstick // The Matte Factor Lip Paint // Ecorre BB Cream sachets
Krave Satin Sheer Grape Jam // Green ring // Green crystal bangle

Plus a personal message! I love love love sellers who give love and importance to their customers. Love you Dee!

Let's review each item that she have. First, NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors. Im no stranger to NYX cosmetics and I love NYX!

Shade: LSS 509 Narcissus

Skye Avenue sells authentic NYX products on hand. No need to wait! So better bookmark their page now:

See how rich in pink it is?

Guess, this would be the best alternative to Nicki Minaj Pink Friday MAC Lipstick. I think I'm gonna get more shades from this line. I really love the creamy texture, the moist it gives, and the shades! And the best thing of course, it only costs P150.00! How cool is that?

Have you heard about Miners Cosmetics? It's my first time to use their Matte Factor Lip Paint in deep red.  It comes in a lip gloss style packaging but the formula is creamy and non-sticky, like a lipstick.

The Matte Factor is a 'liquid lipstick' that is completely unique, painting your lips with a completely matte-nificent colour leaving a gorgeous matte, velveteen finish.

It costs only P300. Why not? Matte-nificent!

Next we have a sample of Ecorre Pure Skin Artist BB Cream:

 It has a buildable medium coverage and gives a smooth finish. Look:

Skin so kinis!

Pale skin diminished! Not a fan of BB Creams cause I get breakouts from them. I have combination skin. I can put BB Cream on my cheeks but not on my nose and forehead please. You dont know what damage it would cause. Haha but I'm keeping this BB Cream for my sister who has dry skin. And since she's more of a morena, I think this product cant lighten her skin tone a bit. ;)

If you are into BB Creams, I suggest you try this one. With proper application, it doesn't look heavy. It has moisturizer, SPF27, PA++, anti-wrinkle, and whitening. All in one cream.

Here's Krave Satin Sheer Grape Jam

Looking for dramatic eye makeup? This product is long wearing, hypoallergenic, 100% vegan and glutan free, doesn't clog pores, and wont cause breakouts. I used this yesterday and glad the color stayed vibrant after 8 hours. :)

Krave Mineral Cosmetics is a Filipino brand with products formulated and manufactured in the US. Let's support local brands!

And lastly, I have here accessories from Skye Avenue.

Well, these accessories are heavy! Gems overload! No plastic! Can't wait to wear them on my next outfit post ;)

If you want to shop online for beauty products, I highly recommend Skye Avenue! Always smooth transaction and friendly service!

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  1. I have NYX in Narcissus too and I wear it when I need an eye catching shade of pink on my lips! It's really pretty. That red matte factor lip gloss is gorgeous. The pay off is amazing. I want one as well!!!

  2. Miners is love! I have one in Warm Red, which also came from Skye Avenue. I love it to bits!
    Does yours smell yummy? Mine smells like cheesecake, which makes me love it all the more! :)

  3.  I want to try the BB cream. Haven't used one in my entire life even if people are raving about it. Hehe.

  4. I'm interested with the matte lipstick! :D

  5. it has a cherry scent. sadly it's not edible haha

  6. ow, i like the accessories , i like both the design and colors .How can i avail of this free gift from them?

  7. thanks for the share! been wanting to know where i can buy nyx lippies and glad discovered it in your blog!

  8. yeah the mattefactor is available in different shades!

  9. if you have normal skin then i suggest you go try it!

  10. yup, and it has a yummy cherry scent too! there are different shades available, i think bagay sayo red :)

  11. I love the accessories. I'll surely check out their site after reading this post.

  12. Great loot you got there! I'm familiar with Skye Avenue too, and I'll keep them in mind when I'll purchase Nyx lipsticks.

  13. Oh wow, that pink lipstick does look rich and highly pigmented! Should be good for FOTDs! :D

  14. Never tried pink shade on my lips! I hope if I use Nyx, it would do magic hihi!

  15. I love the shade of your lipstick! :) I'm thinking of buying one myself. :3

  16. That I want to own - the liquid lipstick! I don't know why, but almost all of the lipsticks I buy would break after a month and I feel I am wasting money buying lipsticks as I can't use it anymore when they break. :( I love the color of your liquid lipstick (so red) - I have dark skintone and pink shades just don't look at me.

  17. The liquid lipstick looks promising..I wanna try it!

  18. Love the pink lipstick. Hmm.. how much is NYX? Wala pa'ko nyan.

  19. I love the deep red colored Lipstick ever since.   It emphasis more the lips..

  20. I just recently become a fan of Nyx lipstick and I already liked the facebook page, I'm planning to buy more shades. Yay!

  21. P150 only! check it here: 

  22. I have an NYX thick eyeliner too but i don't recommend because it gets all over my eyes after a few hours. Would like to try their BB Cream though =)