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Last week, as you have noticed, I've visited some beauty online shops to look for new products and found Style Quarter on Facebook. The Style Quarter is an online retail store that sells not-so-known, but equally excellent branded products here in the Philippines. They sell brands like Ben Nye, Urban Decay (calling all beauty bloggers!), NYX, and Beauty Blender.

I tried her Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder and Ben Nye LiquiSet. It's my first time to use Ben Nye! The package was shipped in a very good condition, carefully packed with a bubble wrap to protect the bottles too.

Now I'm giving my review for this products. Let's start with Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder. 

It's really good to set your foundation nicely, providing a matte finish while still allowing the light bloom on my cheeks to show through., and leaves no white cast on your skin. It wont even affect the color of your other makeup. And the best best best thing here is that - It controls oil very well! It will now be a staple in my kit!

Next is the Ben Nye LiquiSet.

It is waterbased and easily mixes with aqua paints, liquid paints, lumiere colors, color cake, cake eye liners that gives a smudge proof and water resistant finish! Hmmm I think this one gives a professional touch! And so I did my research. It's good for making your own eye liners.

Just around 2 drops are required for each time, so even a small bottle will last for many years. Here's a sample swatch:

Really hard to rub off with fingers so I'm 100% sure it wont get smudged. You can also mix this with skin tone matte shadows to cover up any blemishes on your face!

Me, wearing Ben Nye products

The product stayed in my skin for 7-8 hours. Now I'm starting to love this product and I use this often to create eyeliners with my loose pigments and other eyeshadows. :)

Thanks Style Quarter for introducing these products to me. Works like a treat! For those who would like to purchase or ask inquiries, you may visit their fanpage here:

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  1. never heard of that brand! but i like that it easily turns eyeshadow into eyeliners! similar to elf's liner sealer.. :)


  2. I've heard a lot of good things about Ben Nye from makeup guru MissChievous on Youtube.. :) And i'm glad that there's an online shop selling Ben Nye and other great brands! :D Will definitely be checking out Style Quarter.

  3. didnt know eyeshadows can turn into eyeliners!

  4. yp, saw this product from professional makeup artists too! feeling professional naman ako XD

  5. it can revive your dried cosmetics too! now im using my old eyeshadows once again :D

  6. it does! with ben nye liquiset. you can purchase it here in the Philippines at Style Quarter. So dont forget to visit their online site!

  7. I heard good things about Ben Nye products too and I believe its name is big in the UK. How much was it? I would really love to try their face powder. I love matte finishes and most drugstore brands never really gives a full longer-lasting matte finish.

  8. i've always been curious about ben nye but i haven't gotten around to trying their products. i have a product similar to the 2nd one you showed but mine's from urban decay. :)

  9. This is the first time I've heard of the brand. Thanks for your review. Very informative.

    Rizza (beingwell)

  10. Never heard of this brand. But wow, it looks like it works really well!
    It sounds like this thing from Mac, forgot what it's called, but you can use it to create your own colored liners too! Awesome review hun! You're pretty <3

  11. I have the Ben Nye Neutral Set powder too and i love it! This brand is used in stage plays because the staying power is really good (even under the hot lights). Your post makes me want to get that liquiset :)

  12. I've heard good stuff about Ben Nye products. I so want to try that ;)

  13. i love it! i want one! nice review BTW!:)


  14. When our practice got started we needed ben nye
    help. These were the guys we turned to and they did a great job.