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11:27 PM

maxi dress from Sugarlips // accessories from Cherryblue // shoes from Chelsea

hype my look here

Love my new black maxi dress from Sugarlips! Sugarlips Apparel is an online shop based in Los Angeles California. Now why dont you browse on their website and shop for more beautiful pieces?

Today, I went to an exclusive event at Sofitel Manila. Weee~~ I am so excited for it to air on July 1 at ETC! Met a new friend/fashion blogger named Geri. She's so nice and young. After the event, me and small sister watched Madagasar III Europe's Most Wanted. It was really good and I love watching movies when there are kids giggling and laughing inside the movie house. :)

Up next: Prometheus with college friends and SIAMESE Sunday Mass. Yay! How about you, my lovely readers? How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. Loving your maxi dress sis! :D Anyway, I want to watch Madagascar 3 and Prometheus too! Prolly early next week ;)

  2. You look so elegant and posh! :) I'm loving this maxi dress on you too! I wonder if I can pull off something with that length too! :) I spent my weekend eating with friends at Basil and watching a film at the French film fest in Shang :)

  3. You look gorgeous in that dress, love it to bits :))

    wild and fierce

  4. thanks mich!oh i wanna watch french film fest tooooo...

  5. thanks cai! good quality dress fr sugarlips :)

  6. thanks sumi!!! prometheus was great!

  7. your outfit looks good. i have a maxi dress, in green, and sometimes i wear mine with color-blocking pieces. i also bought mine from a vendor in LA, who was selling in my area. it is perfect for weekend wear in southern california, whether browsing in farmer's market, going to a movie, hanging out in a cafe or coffee shop for a light snack, or just taking a stroll on the coast to admire the ocean, beaches and nightlife