LTimestudio Fashion Series 2012

5:25 PM

Hello again! Whew! Got really busy with work so expect more backlogs. Last May 30, 2012, SIAMESE was invited at LTimestudio Fashion Series launch at Capricciosa Greenbelt 3, wherein LTimestudio aimed to inspire the countless consumers on how to draw their everyday fashion inspiration from their wrist watch. Timepieces are no longer just a means to tell time!

Lana taking photos for her blog

The lego collection - cute!

There would be four most influencial online personalities who will participate in the Fashion Series - David Guison, Lissa Kahayon, Camille Co, and VJ Joyce Pring. VJ Joyce also hosted the event!

VJ Joyce Pring

Sir Jeff of LTimestudio

He gave us a brief intro about LTimestudio, which has more than 10 years in existence. I thought he'd share some styling tips with us. Kidding! XD

Now, here's the real blogger who shared his styling tips and how to mix and match clothes with ODM watches - David Guison.

LTimestudio also prepared a a suprise Styling Challenge for the selected guests. Pax and partner Paul won the game! These two winners got a chance to take home ODM watches.

Here are some bloggers who attended:

They also picked the Best Dressed that night, wearing the most ODMish outfit at the launch. It's Rovie! Congrats my dear!

After that me and Eton, watched MIB III. Just a good break from work. :) Hahahaha I'm happy that everything is turning great this start of June. Chea!

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  1. I love the Lego collection as well! Reminds me of my younger lego days. ;)

  2. the Lego collection looks really nice!! brings back great memories!

  3. Lego collection is a stunner! Awesome watches, thanks for sharing. 

  4. yay <3 can I grab a photo? :) super brief naman our meet up there dear!! til our next event :)
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  5. wow, didn't realize that you are carizza pala, oh my :)) nice meeting you girl! 

    a href="">wild and fierce

  6. Cute and fashionable watches! :)

  7. Was supposed to be there gaaah! But was really busy na with work xP

  8. I was invited to this event too but unfortunately based in Dubai now :(

    Anyway, great pictures!! Glad you enjoyed it ;) I miss attending events in the Philippines and meet new bloggers :D


  9. Really fashionable watches! The watch box is really perfect as a gift for my hubby as he enjoys watches too...

  10. I want the Lego edition.... Parang bata lang.

  11. Ah, sayang naman. It was my coding day so I wasn't able to make it. :/

  12. Really nice to finally meet you, Carizza!! :) Too bad we didn't have a photo together :| Next tiiime! ♥

  13. onga eh,, see you again soon! :)

  14. wow... great event.. i was not invited hahahaha

  15. Great look, dear~!

    Love the watch- I need to buy
    the same one ASAP~!

    I saw some of your looks and I really like your style~! 

    It would be great if we follow each other )

    Let me know in my blog if you like the idea~ 

    Have a good fashionable day~!