MANELS x Carizza Back to School Promo

11:40 PM

Hello once again my lovely readers! These past few days, I've noticed that most of you are already busy with school. Im sure you're feeling a little stressed out going back to reviews, quizzes and homeworks.

In celebration of my 2nd blog anniversary here at MY NAME TAG, I'm gonna help you to destress from school and the ultimate answer? Shopping. Today, MANELS is hosting a back to school promo! Everyone has a chance to grab a pair of leather shoes or bag worth P2500!

If you want to participate, please follow the rules below:

Happy Shopping everyone! Go ahead and browse their FB page! They have premium leather goods for classic styles, for everyday use or for glammed up special occasions! Good luck and enjoy!

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113 name tags

  1. Name: Patricia Romasanta
    Facebook: Patricia Romasanta
    Twitter: @PatRomasanta 

    I do love Manels because their products are worth it and they sell bags, belts, wallets, purses, shoes, slippers for both men and women. I want these bags in any color  These bags are just so perfect for my personality because of their color. Im a cheerful, bubbly, cool and friendly person and i like colorful stuffs.   

  2. Gessa Marie C
    Momee Gee

    I do love manels simply because they produce good quality products and of course unique styles and designs that everyone would love to from kids to grown ups! :) I love their sandals.. no specific which one but ever since when I was 10 mom used to buy me sandals in Manels.. And I love them all. ;)

  3. my mom bought me a pair at manels when i was still studying too! and it's still here with me :)

  4. i like that bags you chose!!! the orange one is my most favorite!

  5. name:sheila francisco
    facebook:xyell setogawa

    i love manels because they have a wide variety of good quality and affordable products that everyone is looking for,.. i want this flats from manels because im fond of flat shoes (maybe i was tall enough to wear heels) and i love kikay style and flower printed flats! it will surely suit my lifestyle coz im always ready to go!

  6. name: Adrienne Barba
    fb: Ragdoll Sparrow
    twitter: @kimchikimbap

    I love Manels because of their products are of high quality and lasts for as long as I can remember. My shoes from Manels have accompanied me almost everywhere from school to gala events! :) If anything from Manels were to fit my personality, it would be this pair of shoes: because although I need to look prim and proper everyday for law school, I am an always-on-the-go girl and I need shoes that are comfy enough to run in with! :)

  7. Antonette A. MagistradoJune 15, 2012 at 9:48 AM

    Name: Antonette A. Magistrado
    fb name: Antonette Algarate Magistrado
    twitter: @Neth_pangit

    i love MANELS because they produce a lot of beautiful and comfortable shoes for the people and they have my products like bags, belts, wallets, slippers and many more, the colors are very loveable. these shoes & slippers it's fits to me, when i go to somewhere i use a flat shoes and when i go to the party i used a hills shoes. and when we go out w/ the kids i use only slippers. that's why i love MANELS.

  8. Wenna Jill Dela Cruz

    I love manels because of their quality products and beautifully designed bags and shoes :D
    I think this shoes reflect my personality because it's sleek and stylish..perfect for my everyday school shoes

  9. Svetlani Rozzi S. Santiago!/hippiebonita

    I love MANELS especially this product because like me, its stylish, comfortable and sturdy. thus I always have my faith and trust when it comes to MANELS products. I am looking forward for MANELS newly released collection.!

  10. FB -
    twitter - Michelle Nazar
    i love manels because i have really small feet and it's so frustrating to find the perfect shoes when almost all the shops carry just certain shoe sizes. when i got manels, i always find something perfect for me but this tine i love their bag collection as well. i love this particular bag it's edgy and trendy and definitely me!

  11. name: charmaigne grace gepana

    fb: zash gepana
    twitter: @charmaignegrace
    i love manels because their products are fashionable, trendy, unique and of quality. this bag reflects my personality. i'm simple yet elegant. the beauty of the bag is timeless, never outdated and so do i.

  12. Name: Norissa Chavez
    FB: Issa Chavez
    Twitter: @Issachavez14

    I love Manel's because their shoes are stylish and yet comfy too! I also love their bag designs! This sandals would fit me because it looks so comfy and I am always on the go!

  13. mary a. reana
    FB mary avellana reana
    twitter: @maryjhan14

    I love manels because of its simple yet stylish products. The chic and smartly designs products that i may say last for a long time. The price compromise the quality kaya you will not pay for the name but for the quality of every products that they have..I like the bags specially this one I hope to have one. tnx.

  14. Name:Maria Avelo Navarro
    FB:Maria Avelo Peñamayor Navarro

    I love Manel's because their shoes are classy,comfy yet suit my budget.This shoes would definitely fit me because i can pair it with shorts,jeans or even a sunday dress.

  15. Karla Camille Romero
    FB: Karla Camille Romero
    twitter: @camzismyname

    I really love bags and shoes, that's why I love manels! It so stylish but the same time it is really sturdy, I really love their products because it is very comfortable to used and also really fit to my personality! I really love it to used anywhere I am!! I really love to have this one! and also this!!

  16. Name: Gizzele Alfonso
    FB: Gizzele Alfonso

    I love Manel's shoes because their shoes are comfortable, affordable and unique. This shoes really fit my personality because I'm girly and edgy, and it really passed my taste.

  17. fb, twitter, and tell me why you love MANELS and what product/s from them you think will fit your personality.
    Emmerey Rose Sarona
    Fb name: Em Sar
    TWITTER: @EmmereyRose
    I love Manels because they got amazing shoes, bags and other items which caters to both men and women! Fab items that are trendy, stylish and gives a chic look to everyone. If I would win this giveaway, I would like to have these :)

  18. Name: Joane Therese Vera
    FB: Chocolabear Fumiko II

    I love Manel's shoes because their shoes are comfortable and it has a high quality product. I think this shoes would fit my personality because it is simple yet fashionable on its own way :)

  19. melandria romeroJune 15, 2012 at 6:58 PM

    Name: melandria romero
    twitter: @melandriaromero

    i so love this bag,

    i always love green, it makes me feel closer to the environment :)

  20. Name: Angelica P. Aragon-Manalata
    FB Name: Angel Aragon-Manalata
    Twitter: @Angelamhiere

    I love Manels because of the stylish shoes and bags that they have. I think the satchels that I saw from my last visit fits my personality because I just can't leave the house without my beauty essentials. Also, I love the loafers and wedges that they have. From sky high heels to comfy flats, I love going between comfort and style! ^__^

    My top picks (from their FB page... I can't find the ones that I actually saw from their store in SM North Edsa):

    And one I'd get for hubby... ^__^

  21. romelyn austria
    FB: Mhel Austria
    TWITTER: @ailynaustria

    It's kinda difficult to choose :)
    But I prefer to have this style

    Because I so love to travel and I think this is very comfortable and convenient to use while still in fashion :D

  22. Maria Christina Gumatay
    Fb name: Istin Dizon Paigna
    Twitter: istin21
    I like this flat sandals, looks comfy and stylish as well.

  23. Bianca Louise Enriquez
    FB: Bee Zeuqirne
    Twitter: @BuBbLyBeE0129

    My Pick:

    I chose that pair of slipper because I am always on the go.. From home to kids' schools,grocery and wherever. I love to wear slippers almost everywhere!

  24. Claudine Claire ChuaJune 15, 2012 at 9:51 PM

    Claudine Claire Chua
    fb name: Claudine Claire Chua
    twitter: @itsclaudinechua
    i definitely love MANELS because their products are breathtaking. i also love how versatile their products are.

    who wouldn't love that orange bag from Manels?! these kind of bags are my type not just because they are trendy but because of its style and color. if i win, i'll definitely strutt this in school! <3

  25. Name: Lourdes D. Espanol
    FB: Malou Espanol
    Twitter: @kikayprincess02
    Product Pick:

    I love Manels because their products are durable and they have nice designs.

  26. Name; Rachel Canales
    FB: Rachel Rebollido Canales
    twitter: @rachelchi_beybe
    MY pick:

    I LOVE MANELS because their shoes are very fashionable at matibay! So now i want to try their bags :) i already bought i pair of priinted wedge and i high heeled black shoes :)

  27. Hazel Grace Bellen
    FB name: Hazel Grace Bellen
    twitter: @Hbellen
    my pick and why:

    Manels is my choice because it is very tough shoes. Kahit maulan, ayos lang. Hindi madaling masira. Maganda din ang heels at girly collection nila. Ang kikay at cute lang katulad neto
    Favorite ko kasi ang pink na ganyan ang kulay.

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  28. Name: Jannine Bensi

    FB Name: Jannine Bénşİ

    Twitter: @kissieboopies16

    I love MANELS for many reasons. First of all they seem to be the initial attraction from people. MANELS
    has always the best variety of shoes, prices are pretty average and I really love their heels especially this one

    Thank you! :))

  29. Name: Kaycee Escober
    twitter: @pabbuiza
    MANELS is incomparable! big time LOVE ♥

  30. Shiela Marie CalzadaJune 18, 2012 at 4:35 PM

    Name: Shiela Marie Calzada
    I love MANELS because of the quality that their shoes offers and their cute designs! Just Like this one: This shoe fits my personality because of it's simplicity and the color and the flower design adds a feminine touch to the wearer of the shoe. :)

  31. jhessica recto
    fb;jhessica recto
    i love manels because od the design of their product especially this waah i love the black one and green...

  32. Mirzi Sarte
    FB: Mirzi Sarte
    Twitter: @mizichic
    I love manels bags ( because it's very simple yet elegant. It really fits to my personality and can be use to match any outfit :D

  33. Isabel Echano

    what I love about manels is that their designs can fit teens and up. :)

  34. Jen Lapis
    fB: mich michelene
    Twitter: michmichelene
    I love Manels because it's chic and affordable! I would love to get this basic and classic red shoes perfect for work and casula wear >>

  35. name:rejille apatanao
    fb:rejille mamaoag patanao
    Manels is unique, affordable yet classy :) I lOVE TO HAVE the orange bag, for a fun, quirky and loud bag that suits my personality :)

  36. Name: Fione Del Rosario
    Twitter: @FioneDelRosario
    I really love shopping at Manels for their wide variety of bags and shoes that are perfect for the classic and sophisticated look at school. My mom also shop here cause she said Manels have very strong quality leather unlike other expensive brands. My favorite from their collection would be this bag!
    I hope I can win this giveaway so I could have a good quality bag for school that is locally made in the philippines!

  37. name:kathryn clamor
    fb:kathryn batalla-clamor
    I like Manels because their products are stylish and affordable! I would love to have this in coffee!!

  38. Name: Jona Mariz Sy
    twitter: @jonamarizsy
    MANELS is an awesome brand. ♥
    For my boyfriend!

  39. Rachelle Therese GonzalesJune 18, 2012 at 5:03 PM

    Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

    I like the variety of styles and designs.

  40. NAME merry jane ocol
    TWITTER jingkring
    FB Merry Jane Ocol

  41. Name : Francis Falucho
    Facebook : Francis Falucho (
    Twitter : @darkzside007 (!/darkzside007)
    I love MANELS because there are tons of styles and colors, they can be eccentric and unique by themselves without the entire outfit being an eyesore and they simply complete an outfit.

    I love these white shoes. It represents purity and kindness of the wearer.

  42. Glee Nish Alejandrino

    i love Manels because of their fashion and trendy bags. Wish to win this one because i think its best suits me and to my personality...

  43. Lorraine Carla laplap
    Every girls dream to own a pair of Manel shoes.

  44. name: Ma. Elinor Semira
    fb: Elinor Semira
    twitter: @mhoie1325

    I love MANELS because of its stylish designs & they are durable! :)

    I think this one will fit my personality because of its simple design & this bag is just enough to carry all my basic things.

  45. name Camille Quiambao
    fb vintagekawaii onlineshop
    twitter @quiam
    and tell me why you love MANELS and what product/s from them you think will fit your personality.
    I love MANELS because the shoes are
    S -stylish

    These black flats suits my personality because it is simple and quirky at the same time.

  46. Name: Pauline Flores
    twitter: @truesight21
    I love Manels because their products are unique in style, durable and gives its wearer a glamorous look. :)
    product link:

    the product is very simple like me and I love flat shoes. Flat shoes makes my short feet look longer. :D

  47. Allan Reyes
    fb-Allan Reyes
    I love Manels because their designs are avant-garde and proudly Philippines made.

  48. name-maridel terrado
    I love Manels because the style and design. and Perfect for me

  49. name agnes espino
    fb agnes neria-espino
    twitter agnesespino
    i luv MANELS for its quality leather goods like this one...

  50. Name/FB Name: Perlita Fernandez
    Twiiter: @fhitsfernandez
    I love manels,because comfortable and stylish.

  51. Marinette Nama
    twitter : iambachuchay
    I love Manels because of the high quality leather that they use
    Love this shoes :

  52. Name: Mei Santiago

    FB: Mei S. Santiago
    Twitter: @rinoabrood

    I love Manel because of its quality and unique design.

  53. Maricel JancinalJune 19, 2012 at 2:22 AM

    Name: Maricel D. Jancinal
    FB: maricel jancinal
    Twitter: @marcella1379
    In love with Manels' comfortin style, durability, very affordable and they have my size (11") that still look good to wear (red or black)!

  54. Name: arra morta
    Twitter: @NakedArra

    I love these:

    I love the yellow one!I dont know but I love everything yellow!Maybe because yellow reminds me of hapiness:)And I love to be happy and stay positive:)

  55. Lorna Puno
    twitter: @lhornsky
    What i want:https:
    i like bags and this perfectly match my personality bright color bag match my bubbly personality and its my favorite color too blue and pink.

  56. name:ma clara reyes
    FB: clara pagkatipunan reyes
    i like manel's because the shoes are comfortable to wear and stylish..... like to have more of your sandals

  57. Name: Vera Paola Reyes
    FB: Vera Paola Reyes
    Twitter: @verapao
    I like Manels because their products are diverse and very cute! :)) My favorite product at their FB page is :))))

  58. Name: Ferdinand Tambungui
    TW: creativekick

    Why I love MANELS?
    I love MANELS because of the premium leather goods they use to craft there products and they are affordable.

    What product/s from them you think will fit your personality?
    Actually I love all there shoes from the Men's Shoes June 2012. But there are two pairs that really stand out to me. The first is this brown leather sort of lite snake print slip on shoes. It looks very casual and comfortable to walk. I see myself using this with my walking shorts on the mall during the weekends. I love it! The second one is the brown leather shoes with black metal detail in front. I love it because it will look good during night out with friends. It looks very trendy and also still very comfortable to wear.



  59. name: estrelita sabinay-andigan
    I like manels because it's my grandma's & my mother's fave brand ever!!!.Always in style!!!:)

    hope I can have this wonderful bag!!!so cool!!!:)

  60. name: Annie Egalin

    twitter: @tatateet

    I love MANELS because many nice products to choose and I love the this its cool..

  61. Ligaya Puno
    twitter: @LigyM23
    my chosen item:

    this bag is so colorful so i love it and it can match anything and maybe very useful for me i love different colors.

  62. Quima May Renegado FB: Quimz Renegado Twitter: @quimrenegado

    I love Manels
    because they have wide arrays of
    stylish and durable footwear. What's even nice is that they actually added new
    products like bags and wallets. Because honestly, for me when you say
    Manels-it's about just shoes. But now they are really expanding their market by
    adding these products. Closed
    Heeled shoes-
    The first three links are shoes, 3 links for flats and one link for a heel.
    Why? I'm a sucker for anything that is flat- it's just comfortable and you can
    really move around. But as a girl, there are just days that we want to dress up
    for some events or important gathering so a heeled shoes is a must and this
    shoes just represents me-outgoing and brave :) And for the last link, a
    colorful and stylish bag that I can use for formal or casual events. :) Thank
    you for this giveaway! :)

  63. Name: June Izabelle Roque
    FB: Jill Roque
    Twitter: @jillroque

    Manels products are have a good quality with a very affordable price.
    I chose this one that fits me because I prefer wearing this kind of sandals that I'm more comfortable to use.

    tell me why you love MANELS: I love manels because of the product quality and the prestige of the brand. ^^
    I think these products fit my optimistic personality:

  65. Name: Vanessa Salosagcol
    I love MANELS because of the quality of their products and at a relatively affordable price! (compared to their foreign counterparts)
    These items show y personality:

  66. RubySalazarPapioJune 19, 2012 at 8:36 PM

    I like manels good for my personality lalo na itong item na ito dahil ganda ito sa araw araw na soot ko hatid sundo sa mga ank ko sa school. matibay talaga.

  67. Mina Palencia
    Twitter: @minapalencia

    I love MANELS products because there are various styles and designs to choose from - but without breaking the bank.

    I browsed their current collections and I think I like these:

    These flats are just perfect for everyday and office use. My feet won't groan which is usually the case when I'm wearing heels. But these, are elegant enough to pair with my business casual attires.

    And this bag:

    I love it because, what better way to banish gloom than put colors in your life, right? This is just the perfect touch of color!

    Hope to win!

  68. Name: Virginia cABASAN
    Fb: @honeykho2

    I love MANELS because of its classy and fashionable designs. I hope to win.

  69. NAME : Filamay Asturias Beboso
    FB Profile Link :
    Twitter Profile Link :!/fabeboso fbid=450304315526&set=a.450303805526.378699.202511285526&type=3&theater

    I love Manels because fashionable and quality of products, perfect for daily use a working mom. Surely make your things safe all the time nice for my classy personality .

  70. Name: Margie Ruiz Carpena
    i love manels because they have all that i want from bags to shoes to sandals and its quality is good so i love it and i like this one its not high not so flat so its just fit enough and i know i can balance lol.. i like it because of the unique design like how i want to be unique in my own way.

  71. Name and FB name: Angeline Rodriguez
    Twitter: the_lil_miss
    I love Manels because they provide great quality and comfort at the same time. Plus, their shoes last forever. I haven't had a single pair from them die on me yet.
    I think their bags fit my personality really well, especially these: because they really stand out and are very colorful - two very Wonder Woman-like traits :)

  72. Name : Filmar Beboso
    Twitter :

    Classic and Perfectly Proportioned : I like a classic medium-sized handbag, which must be of good quality materials and well-made, so I can be efficient and well organized with my things. I You don’t need a large bag, becauseI know how to
    make the best use of space and don’t carry around loads of unnecessary

  73. Name: Judy Ann Chio
    FB: Judy Ann Chio Doronila
    Twitter: mamoi14

    I love MANELS because they use leather and it is very classy in style and perfect for different occasions. :)
    I think bags will fir my personality because I am a very organize person. So, I would like this one:

  74. i;ve loved manels since i was in high school because of the quality of its shoes and the unique designs of its shoes. i also love manels since its shoes not only are pretty but are also comfortable and priced competitively

  75. oops i forgot something. pls diregard my previous msg. thank you. i've loved manels since i was in high school (90s) because of the quality and the unique designs of its shoes. i also love manels since
    its shoes are not only pretty but are also comfortable and priced

    i like stock no. 512753 (shoes) because it's really pretty and looks comfortable too and I can use any time

  76. name: Baby Yap
    fb: Kodie Flores
    twitter: BabyKodie
    I love Manel's because of the quality of the product. I remember my first manel's shoes haha we had a love-hate relationship. My mom took me long time to buy a new pair of shoes because "hindi pa naman sira". It was my everyday shoes,porma shoes,etc. And now as a mother of two, their school shoes, of course..Manel's.
    I so looove this bag...drooling.. An unsurpassed design. I think I will hand it over to my daughter when she reach her teens.

  77. Didenz Yu
    @DidenzYuI love MANELS because they produce a wide variety of stylish shoes! <3
    This two shoes fit my personality!

  78. correction lang po, nawala yung space sa twitter id. It should be @DidenzYu

  79. Name: Jeremiah Carlos
    twitter: @vincentgenesis
    i ♥ manel shoes~

  80. Anja Pebs

    It may be so last season, but I still love Manels' Hot heels collection. My favorite has got to be the brown 512714. It's so chic and classy, yet I can still combine it with a less put-together ensemble. It's very versatile without compromising your style. :) Good job, Manels for always providing the best styles. :D

  81. Thanks for sharing your experience with Manels! You might want to post it online showing yourself wearing it so that we can feature it in our Manels Nation campaign on our Facebook page and Twitter page :)

  82. wow dami! i love their men's shoes too. pwede pangunisex? haha

  83. hi love, what's your favorite pair from manels? you can check their fb fanpage and post the product link here. share it with us! <3

  84. i agree! what's your most favorite product from Manels? share it with us <3

  85. hahaha true! mine went to my cousin and it's still looking good!

  86. Thanks for liking our colorful bags!

  87. These are our bestsellers for Summer 2012 :)

  88. We're happy to hear that Manels has been with you through different stages and events in your life. Glad Manels can still be with you in law school! :)

  89. hahaha! hindi ko nakita sa FB page nla yung nakita ko sa store nla, eh... ang ganda pa naman ng satchels nla... and the loafers? LOVE!!! ^__^

  90. Kimberly Camille TiuJune 21, 2012 at 9:37 PM

    Kimberly Camille Tiu
    fb: Kimberly Camille Tiu
    Twitter: kimtiu37

    i love manels because i can miz and match their products with the outfits i wear.
    i love this! SO CUTE!

  91. name:Ricalyn Sicad
    twitter: @rsicad
    fb :
    i love this one because they are fashionable and colorful like me who loves fashion and who always want my life to ve colorful and full of happiness:)

  92. Kane Tano
    Twitter: @superkane_

    No experience with the brand yet, but I really want to own one (or a couple). The products they sell definitely suit my personality & lifestyle. You see, I am a new mom and comfort is and has always been my fashion key. But of course, comfort doesn't necessarily mean I should run around looking drab & shabby. That's what I love about Manel's, it seems to combine comfort with style. These products caught my attention: -- i love how basic the color is & the right amount of ruffles is simply chic; --- the pop of rainbow -- love the artwork ;) -- but of course, this pair would definitely give an oomph to a simple oufit

  93. sheine deanna ramosJune 22, 2012 at 3:43 AM

    sheine deanna ramos
    fb: sheine deanna
    twitter: sheinedeanna

    this Manel's bag is so classy and i would like to have one soon!

  94. sorry i forgot. :) heres the link . ♥

  95. Name: Ma. Theresa C. Dungo

    Why I love MANELS: I like the brand because of the quality of their products. It may look expensive at first but its all worth it. It’s not the type of shoes that could easily be destroyed.

  96. Gladys VillafloresJune 22, 2012 at 10:24 AM

    name: Gladys Villaflores
    twitter link:
    fb link :
    I love MANELS because it looks fabulous perfect to pair it in any occassions :) i just joined hope to win goodluck!!

  97. Thank you for loving MANELS and wearing it on your different occasions!

  98. Thank you for using Manels as your everyday shoes!

  99. Great clogs/wedge pick from our selection!

  100. Matching shoes and bags is our specialty!

  101. Happy you've found a timeless bag from our collection!


    FB profile:
    twitter name: @pancake4you

    This simple yet chic shoe from Manels fits my personality because i am the type of person who prefers simplicity and comfortability.

  103. Name: Katherine Rose Rivera
    Fb: Katherine Rose Corone-Rivera
    Twitter: @Kathneko
    Manels is known for quality and affordable shoes. When I was a kid, my mom and dad will buy leather shoes from Manels and they love it!

    I like this shoes:

  104. Name: Krisanne C. Bunyi
    Fb: Krisanne Bunyi
    twitter: @fragileanne

    Manels offer a variety of quality and trendy shoes and bags yet it is super affordable.

  105. name:Kienes Damaso
    fb:Kienes damaso
    i love manels because of the unique and trendy shoes designs they have.i love this one

  106. Crystal Marie Cañete
    FB: Crysy G. Cañete
    Twitter: @dearcrysy

    The very fact that they've got one-of-a-kind authentic leather bags and shoes at a very reasonable prize is one thing that I love about Manels. I love this fashionably trendy bag from them ;)

  107. Barbara ArguellesJune 24, 2012 at 10:02 AM

    Name: Barbara Arguelles
    Twitter: @cheapskatejoins
    Favorite pair: The yellow one!

    I love MANELS because it can compete in the international market!!