Royal Blueberry

Dark Shadows movie night

Today's lucky color is Blue. Wearing blue top and motorcycle blazer from Sparkle Shop.

Used Blueberry nail polish from Caronia :) I feel in love with this fresh and cool shade. I chose this shad cause bright vivid colors helps energize one person.

Today was really tiring but I am so glad to learn new things in web design with the help of my business partner and boyfriend, Eton. I used to dissect HTML in high school and play around with Flash till college. Im quite disappointed with myself cause I stopped learning web and now I have to catch up cause my boyfriend is such a fast learner! Now he's better than me XD

Big sister bought some beauty products online recently and look what she gave to me. Tony Moly Intense Repair Live Snail samples! The superb moisturizer! I was able to try this before at Tony Moly Sparty and it was really good! This is exactly what I need right now to regain my energy and skin's moisture due to puyat days. Thanks ate!

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  1. I wish I can wear a motorcycle blazer too xP

  2. aw u look pretty with ur blue top and I love ur blue nails. I'm seriously contemplating on getting this color for my nails haha

  3. i love your nail color, refreshing! :)

  4. not a fan of bright nail polish... i just go with black whenever I do paint on my nails... 

  5. love the blueberry nail polish. so cool for these gloomy days. 

  6. fantastic color and it looks so glamorous! will check it out too.

  7. I want to see more of your moto blazer. I'm liking the little bits I see of it! :D I really wish I knew how to do some web stuff too because it's really helpful when you're a blogger. At the moment, I rely on my boyfriend who's a software engineer and my brother who does multimedia work :))





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