White and Glowing Skin at Flawless Beauty!

10:12 AM

I'm always happy browsing products online on my free time. Last week, I have discovered a new  beauty online shop - Flawless Beauty! They sell luxurious premium whitening products and one of their best sellers is the Alpha Arbutin Whitening Soap!

Hohohoho! What's with Arbutin? I got really curious about it. It was shipped 2 days after our email conversation and arrived packed in a lovely pink paper bag. The soap box was tied with a pink ribbon too!

As I unwrapped, I was surprised to see a sweet note at the back of their business card! Take a look:

I love receiving sweet notes! It makes customers feel so special. I hope all online sellers would do this ;) Thank you so much, Lei!

Who has an obssession with getting fair skin? Dont lie to me, I know you want that artista skin. ;) I believe Arbutin is the safest whitening ingredient used in Japan today. This soap helps to whiten skin, dries acne and bacne, lightens scars, and helps revive damaged skin. It prevents premature aging, pigmentation, freckles and liver spots.

Active Ingredients: Alpha Arbutin, Lanolin, Glycolic, and Moisturizing Olive Oil

Their beauty products are formulated by licensed doctors and chemists using only premium raw materials. It is manufactured in a laboratory with a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification and BFAD approved. 

On my first week of use, I noticed that my skin doesn't dry out compared when using an ordinary soap but it dried all my pimples quickly! I'm loving the light vanilla scent of this soap. Is this soap edible? XD Let's see how fast it can whiten my skin. I'll update you guys!

Make sure to purchase this only at Flawless Beauty! Visit their Fanpage here for more info: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Flawless-Beauty-Online/387296431473?ref=ts

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  1. they have strawberry flavored products? that's yummier! :D

  2. Eeya dear,
    Thank you, Thank you!

  3. Strawwberry Gluta milk bar, Carizz, yes :) superior whitening too in my experience. But since I am the seller, let testimonies of my clients speak for the product :)

  4. wow happy to know that you've found what you like :) coz sometimes it's hard to find the perfect matching cosmetics to use for our body and face


  5. It's awesome that you finally got to try Flawless Beauty. :D I also adore their Alpha Arbutin lotion and soap!!! Lei is also the sweetest! I just adore her :D

  6. hope to see improvement on my skin in a month :)

  7. ohhhhhhhhhh.. Nice!
    Maybe you have time to read my New Post- Similar Difference

  8. my blog link-

  9. Yey! you've tried their product na rin :)
    I've tried their strawberry gluta and lotion.. ganda..:)
    I super love their lotion.. ang bango kase. hehehehe :D

  10. Hello Cariz! I'm glad you liked our soap! It's always lovely to read beautiful words from beautiful bloggers like you. :)

    Lei <3

  11. I haven't tried their products but I am willing to. Being in the field work every day causes my skin to became darker. Maybe Flawless Beauty could help! :D

  12. ooh.. the letter's pretty sweet. would like to try some of their products for reviews :)
    thanks for sharing sis. u look gorg as always! :)

  13. I also love receiving packages with personal notes! ;) nice blog dear, will be back here ;)