Who's In Who's Out?

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In a twist none of the contestants expected, for the first time in Project Runway Philippines history, four designers will be heading to the Final Runway. Tune in on July 1, Sunday at 8PM on ETC to see Milka Quin Redoble, Cheetah Rivera, Nel Claveria, Jr., and Amor Albano as they compete to be declared Project Runway Philippines Season 3 champion.

Milka, a 34-year old online fashion entrepreneur from Pasig City, established herself as an early favorite
when she wowed judges with her “butanding-inspired” dress and elegant jumpsuit to win the first
and third challenges. Then in episode nine her dessert inspired dress won her, her third challenge and
immunity, something that came in very useful when she failed to deliver an avante-garde creation. Having started on a high, Milka enters the finale having placed in the bottom group of designers for the
past two challenges; will she be able to redeem herself at the Final Runway?

Cheetah, a 24-year old fashion designer from Manila, had a rocky start on the show as she learned early on that time management is crucial in the competition when she broke the 15-minute shopping rule while getting materials. In the food inspired challenge Cheetah found herself for the first time in risk of elimination only to bounce back to win the next three challenges and a spot in the finale. Her ingénue with material, out of the box design aesthetic and winning streak makes her a favorite entering the Final Runway.

Nel, a 30-year old overseas based fashion designer from Camarines Sur, impressed judges to score his
only challenge win in the second episode of the season with his binakol made dress. After that he found
himself facing the judges as part of the bottom group of designers three more times prior to earning
his spot in the final four. 

Swinging from top to bottom constantly, Nel is the only finalist out of the four to have won only one challenge. With a strong technique in construction, what surprises does Nel, the season’s dark horse, have up his sleeve for his Final Collection?

Amor, a 28-year old fashion designer from Laoag City, was struck by home sickness early on in the
competition as she appealed to the judges to let her go home. Refusing to let her leave as they saw
potential in her work, Amor then continued on in the competition to win the men’s clothing challenge
with her futuristic hoodie vest. 

Having started off emotionally weak, the judges have proven to Amor
that her plea to quit would have been a big mistake as she would have ultimately missed out on the
biggest moment of her career, a chance to show a collection at Project Runway Philippines Final

So, who’s in and who’s out? Tune in on July 1, Sunday at 8PM on ETC for the final showdown to find out who will be the next Runway Royalty.

ETC is seen on free TV RPN-9, Sky Cable Ch. 14, Destiny Cable Ch. 14, Cable Link Ch. 12 and Cignal Ch. 14 in Metro Manila. For subscription please call your local cable provider.

All Photos are by Ike Gube, except the solo of Milka Quin Redoble which is by JR Rafallo.
All rights reserved to ETC & Solar Entertainment Corporation.

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  1. Much respect and love to Cheetah. I'd definitely wear a gown by her.

  2. Will definitely be watching the finale on TV! :)

  3. I am waiting for this talaga... :)

  4. I love to watch this show. lovely girls and outfit

  5. Exciting! I've only managed to watch one episode for this but in that episode, I was very impressed by Milka. I'm glad she earned herself a spot in the final 4. :D I also like the dresses here by Cheetah. So many talented young designers here in the Philippines!!! :D