Food trip at Matsuri Morato

Family time once again! Weekend is always for the family. I love you guys!

Me and mommy

Big Sister and Small Sister

My family is a big Japanese food fanatic so we tried a new resto MATSURI, located at Tomas Morato near ABS-CBN, for a change. I was surprised to see that it was actually a fine dining resto! The place was really cozy and not crowded. They have an ala cart style of buffet wherein you just have to choose on the menu and the staff will be the one to bring it on your table. So I'm calling this Point All You Can!

For appetizers, we ordered for Matsuri Saladいただきます!!!

Then we had Matsuri Beef and Yasai Itame. Toge (beansprouts) fans would love these for sure!

Then each of us ordered a plate of Ebi Tempura. The crunchiest, the best! I think I ordered 3 plates of these for myself. More plates please!

A bowl of Sukiyaki for each of us. Such a winner! I love the sweet taste of this soup mixed with vegetables and misua!

Another favorite - Asparagus Bacon Maki! おいしい~~

Chicken Teriyaki plate that we never ordered!!!  They served it twice.. It's okay. We never complain for good food!

Assorted Maki that we decided to place in tissues cause we were already full! But they're actually good especially the Dynamite Roll which has a spicy tuna inside.

And the late Kamameshi! Reminds me of Jumbo Japs.. Served really hot but this one lacks sauce or we're just already full that we were not excited about it anymore. And we don't have meat on our plates anymore.

Chocolate ice cream, leche flan, and fresh fruits for desserts. Wow, these are so common but still yummy! They should add Japanese desserts on the menu.

Im a bit sad cause Vanilla Creme Brulee was not available. Another cup of ice cream then! Hehe. What a feast! おなかいっぱい!!!

Mondays to Fridays (Lunch) - Php495.00
Mondays to Sundays (Dinner) - Php595.00
Saturdays and Sundays (Lunch and Dinner) - Php595.00

Plus celeb sighting? How cool is that? Go ahead and try it!

Matsuri is located at #233 Tomas Morato cor. E. Lopez Jr., Quezon City, Metro Manila.
(Near ABS-CBN Compound)

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  1. Wow! I didn't know there was a Jap buffet like this! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. wow, super like their food. yummy talaga!

  3. love matsuri! :) my family used to visit once a month before :)

  4. Thanks for the share dear. My sister and her family will be coming over for vacation, and now I know where to bring them!

    It is always nice dining out with family, noh? :)

  5. wow that's great! dont forget to book for reservation before visiting Matsuri! :)

  6. you should also blog about this! :D

  7. Everything looks yummy! Especially that bacon maki! :)

  8. The price is reasonable enough. I want to try this one.

  9. yum yum,all the food are mouth watering. I have never been there but will surely visit it oneday

  10. wooow! sarap ng food!!!!!! I like!!! :D
    nice place... bibisitahin ko talaga toh pagdating ko ng Manila. yey! :D

    P.S. you look like a doll talaga sis! hehehehe :D

  11. OMG I love bacon asparagus maki! :P Salivating while reading your post! :P

    BTW, has anyone ever told you that you look like the actress Karylle on the photo on your header? :P

  12. ohh lala lala yummyy!!! :)

  13. Wow! I'd love to taste all the food you ordered! :) I especially love salads!

  14. I love Japanese cuisine esp the asp bacon maki.. Thanks for sharing! ♥

  15. I a big fan of Japanese food esp the asparagus bacon maki :) Thanks for sharing.. ♥

  16. This is a nice place to eat and the thing about Japanese food. They are not as heavy as other type of cuisine so it would fit in an all you can eat type of place.

  17. Ma.Cecilia M.RamosJuly 3, 2012 at 4:39 AM

    Oh my,Yummy!!!! We will try this one,can't wait to taste and see the place;)

  18. Great foods! Awesome place! Nice!

  19. wow super yummy food delicious and spicy :)

  20. na...... one of my weaknesses is food....grr... I want to eat that too...can I have some bite on that? hehehehe...

  21. the food really looks yummy... always love the freshness, spiciness, and crisp of jap foods. Yahweh bless.

  22. Wow!! Love the looks of that maki and tempura. hope to visit this place too. hopefully, soon. hehe

  23. You looks so pretty sis! Love the photos and the food looks yummy too :)





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