Lustrous Pearl Talk at Jewelmer

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Pearls are the most classic type of jewelry, which symbolizes unblemished perfection, and it never goes out of style.  In fact, pearls were already very fashionable in Europe as personal ornaments in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Diamonds might be women's best friend but pearls will forever belong to her heart.

Last weekend, I was invited for a small talk about the most lustrous pearls by Jewelmer at Glorietta Mall along with other beauty and fashion bloggers. I've learned that each Palawan South Sea pearl they harvest is composed of thousands of layers of thick, translucent, natural nacre that creates a luster that lasts a lifetime.

Jewelmer is the only pearl producer in the world that has successfully produced pearls with a rich, natural golden color. They even allowed us to take photos of their collection and try them too. Now I know the difference between the saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls that we usually see at Greenhills.

Perlas ng Silanganan

Freshwater pearls are made from mussels.  A single mussel can produce about 50 pearls in at least 6 months! While the pearls from Jewelmer, saltwater pearls, are produced from oysters. The creation the pearl takes 323 precise steps and up to five years of dedicated care and that's what makes every pearl unique and very special.

Pearl in Latin word literally means "unique", attesting to the fact that no two pearls are identical. 

Golden Palawan South Sea Pearls

Pinctada Maxima (Gold and silver-lipped oyster)

These oysters undergo an extensive process for them to produce the most lustrous pearls. A gold-lipped Pinctada maxima oyster is bred and grown for two to three years before being grafted. A round bead carved out of freshwater shell from the Mississippi river is inserted to a mature oyster.

Another two or three years of being carefully monitored and nurtured. The oysters will have to recover, and checked upon after 3 months. This process requires turning of the oysters from their cage. 

Oysters are hand cleaned every 30 days, and their cages' depth are adjusted depending on temperature and food availability. Xray is also done to ensure that the oysters are well. After 2-3 years comes the magical moment for when the pearl is finally extracted from the oyster.

I've also learned that these pearls should be treated like babies. And they glow more when they feel the warmth of a human's body. 

This pearl necklace cost $20,000. I think its a good investment as these pearls are classic and timeless.  Would consider buying one in the future. ;)

And the event wouldn't be fun without these girls - Helen, Hazel, and Mich!

I'm done being a Senyorita for a day. Now let's go back to reality. Haha. Speaking of Senyorita, I'm getting more and more excited about the huge Folding Fans project that we're going to launch this year at Siamese! Yay! Follow us on Twitter to get updates. Wish us luck! :)

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  1. wooow.. bongga ng pearls sis!! :D so cool!!! at magkasama nanaman kayo ni mich!!! hehehe <3 talagang sasama na talaga ako sainyo soon!!! :)

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  2. Bagay na bagay yung pearls sa suot mo rin! hehehehe You look very, very glam! :D I was amazed too when I first learned about how the golden south sea pearls are created. It helped me appreciate them more and justify the cost of buying one. hahaha :D

  3. I love Jewelmer pearls. They look so elegant, never overdone. :)

  4. i love pearls. i get them for free because my uncle's business in Tawi-Tawi is in line with pearls. :)
    they are so elegant that no diamond can match up. i actually prefer using pearls than diamonds. probably because they're free unlike diamonds. hahaha.

  5. good things are never cheap, huhuhu! but that necklace looks super bagay sayo! :D I love how the pearl talk went, dami ko natutunan! :)

  6. Pearls are forever elegant. I wish I have joined the event with you girls. I really want to bond with you. A newbie needs company. Haha nice meeting you that day pala. :)

  7. yeah we need to hang out soon and make chika ;)

  8. thanks! bagay sating lahat! hahaha

  9. yeah i agree. it was my first time to wear a jewelmer pearl :)

  10. i second the motion. :D hi sam and carizza! haha

  11. bagay din sayo yung pearl strand! ang ganda noh! kahit grabe yung price nya na pwede na makabili ng kotse. :D hahaha

  12. I own several Jewelmer pearls but the ones I am most proud of is a pair of Jewelmer earrings (
    I love and treasure it. Sad, I was not able to attend that event or I could have met you ; )

  13. I hope we can meet in future events :)

  14. They say pearl means tears...but who cares it's so feminine...:D