The search is on - SM GTW Redhead Model 2012

7:30 PM

Ever dream of becoming a model? Posing infront of a lens and walk the runway while photographers snap photos of your every step? I think it's every girl's dream! Speaking of posing infront of a camera, I think this is the best part to insert my vanity pose! (Agad agad?) Yeah, why not? XD This is my chance to post my camwhore pics of the day:

Knit dress from What a Girl Wants (WAGW) // Boots from Sparkle Shop
Accessories from Korea and Girl Shoppe

So going back to what I was saying, if you think you have what it takes to become a model then why not join SM GTW Redhead Model Search 2012?!

Three young ladies will win the following:

P60,000 worth One Year contract with Elite
One Year subscription from Candy Magazine
P40,000 worth CASH
P30,000 worth Clothing Allowance

Isn't that exciting? And I can't wait to see the future Redhead models for this year. I used to visit their fanpage often last year to stalk the finalists for 2011. Haha. So glad too to announce that I am one of SM Girls Teens' Wear's bloggers for Redhead Model Search 2012! Here's My Name Tag:

From Left: Justa from SM GTW, Rovie Divinagracia, Michelle Bugante, Carizza Chua, Arnie Villanueva, Kaye Awatin, Tin Iglesias, and Pinky of SM GTW. Photo from Mich.

The official Redhead Model Search 2012 Bloggers (Photo from Rovie)

The SM GTW Team

Ms. Dorothy, together with Joey and Carlo, oriented us about the campaign and we all experienced the model contract signing (kidding XD) at SM Office's boardroom.

me with the wagas eyelashes

Joey and Mich

Thanks Rovie for this photo! <3

Then we all headed to Mall of Asia SM Department Store and went shopping around Girl's Teen Wear section. We had so much fun! Of course, I checked out my favorite brands like Redhead, Shopaholic, and Onion Laundry!

I love shopping, it's super obvious with that BIG SMILE on my face up there! Hahaha. All carts filled! Waaahh we want more time to shop around but it was almost closing time. So many cute finds at GTW section. <3 After that, we had our dinner at Burgoo.

Oink. Yummy food. I feel so honored to be part of this exciting campaign. Thank you so much SM GTW and to the whole team behind it for this wonderful opportunity!

Happy Bee~

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16 name tags

  1. I love your "wagas" eyelashes! Try ko rin yan! Full on kung full on! hehehehe Glad to be one of you girls!!! Woooo! I'm having so much fun hahaha :))) Di lang ako ready for picture picture that day boohooo :P Kita kits ulit!!!! Fanned you on Lookbook ;)

  2. sino baaa, i came from a stressful work din naman haha. hey youre on lookbook din!

  3. I'm short so I can't be a model. The food looks heavenly.

  4. Super cute outfit & hair! I love those rings <3
    I love shopping too ^^

  5. i think im only 5'1, i just got a passing score when it comes to height, but you know, heels are always girls' bestfriend! ;)

  6. Super pretty and cute as always Carizza =)

  7. Congrats, Carizza! You deserve this! :D

  8. You are so lucky to be chosen as one of the bloggers!! Gahh. Haha. :D

  9. photos are amazing dear! another lucky girl you are to be chosen! wow! great looking food and love that solo pic of yours! nice green background you have there! xx jane of xx

  10. hahahaahaha pero you always look polished!!! Di halata!!! :D