A MEG Advisory for I AM MEG

3:38 PM

“I AM MEG: Own the World in Style” Change of Airing Schedule

Due to the recent inclement weather that resulted to heavy rains and flooding throughout the metro, the debut of I AM MEG: Own the World in Style will be postponed to September 8, 2012, instead of August 16, 2012. Taping schedules were disrupted, urging management to cancel crucial shoots that form part of the I AM MEG contestants’ journey in the competition.

MEG keeps in mind the safety of the I AM MEG girls and assures to keep their welfare as a top priority. Still, as a surprise treat to all of MEG’s loyal followers, the video of the I AM MEG contestants introducing themselves will be released on www.IamMEG.ph, with voting for each finalist to start very soon! Get to know these bold young women better and watch out for the challenges, drama and successes that await them in their goal to become the first MEG Style Ambassador.

I AM MEG: Own the World in Style is a prestige production of One MEGA Group. 

For more details on I AM MEG: Own the World in Style, visit www.iammeg.ph. Like MEG on Facebook and follow MEG on twitter @megmagazine.

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