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5:26 PM

It's been raining nonstop this week. I hope you guys are all safe. Not good but still I was able to attend Banana Peel VIP Blogger's Forum last August 3, 2012 at their newest branch at Eastwood Cyber and Fashion Mall.

I was the early bird! Where's my prize? Lol

Met Yabang Pinoy volunteers Geri and Peter

Here's Nika and Marco

Snacks, anyone?

Banana Peel is the only flip-flop brand that carries a wide range of prints, a way to guarantee against those irritating "oh look", we're wearing the same thong" moment. against those irritating "oh look", we're
wearing the same thong" moment. And the good news is Banana Peel flip-flops are made affordable, allowing beach bums to own as many flip-flops their shoe closet can fit! Hey I have 9 pairs now! Haha!


They also introduced their collection for 2012. They have men's, women's (the largest collection), and kid's collection. Their endorsers Maja Salvador and John Lloyd Cruz also contributed designs for Banana Peel. Here are some of my favorite pairs from their store:

Character designed flip flops

From Maja Salvador Signature Collection


I took some photos of their cute Kid's collection:


And aside from flip flops, they also have hand sanitizers, foot sprays, foot blush, and lip balm!

After that, they asked all bloggers to choose 4 pairs for us to take home! Yay!

My top pick

And this weaved bag too that is made from recycled EVA sheets:

And one landi shot first before we say goodbye~

Now I am excited to try my new pairs of flip flops!

Thank you so much Banana Peel Team for inviting me! The weather was not really good but we had a wonderful time at the event! See you guys again soon!

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  1. sweet! sayang di ako nakapunta but like you said the weather was not nice that day. i hate the rain haha!

  2. nice event carizza! hope id see you soon :)
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  3. Such cute slippers. New follower. :)

    Adly | Gazillionth Thought Bubble

  4. their designs are actually improving, I hope na mas maging soft na yung sole nila

  5. love banana peel. super affordable slippers with nice designs.
    i wish i get invited to events such as this too. >.<

  6. yes, i hope they wont raise their prices. :>

  7. hopefully, theyll come up with a new improved collection soon :D

  8. the rain was really strong, im sure banana peel team will understand :)

  9. Wow, you have 9 pairs already! I envy you guys for attending this event--you get to take home 4 pairs of flip flops of your choice. I should get flip flops for my kiddos too. :)

  10. Congrats, what a nice experience from Banana Peel.

  11. Super nice ang mga designs! : I agree that Banana Peel is really affordable! :) Got some pairs from them too! HAHA

  12. I love Banana Peel! That's my favorite brand when I was still in the Philippines. I love their colors and girly designs...:-)