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2:48 PM

Fun filled Saturday! Being a Sophie resident blogger, I was invited to be part Sophie Paris's SOPHIE SHOWTIME Season 2 and "Unleashing the Fearless Sophienista" event along with makeup guru Nikki Tiu and fashion designer Tin Iglesias. This was my first Fashion Coaching experience and it was a blast!

with Nikki and Tin while waiting for the event to start

The event was hosted by Mhel and Ces. They gave a brief introduction for the day's activities and mentioned Ms. Sophie search and the go-see challenge for the four candidates.

The program started with Beauty Talk with Mhel Guitierez and Nikki Tiu. They taught the audience about the basic skin care and how to take care of the skin.

Nikki gave some daytime makeup techniques using Sophie Paris cosmetics and how to transform it to date-time makeup in minutes!

I love her chic makeup brush belt!

And then after lunch, we had Fashion Coaching at the training room! I discussed with the four candidates and the other Sophie members How to dress up to flatter your body type.

Next, Tin went into Mixing and Matching and showed several photos of fashion bloggers as examples.

And together, we asked the audience how they could transform their outfits from Daytime to Date-time. Wish it could have been longer because we absolutely had fun interacting with the audience.

Next was the Fearless Sophienista Fashion Challenge wherein the candidates for Ms. Sophie would do a personal transformation based on what they have learned from the talks. Sophie Paris team prepared some bags, shoes, and clothes to be used in the challenge. Good luck to these girls!!

Next was the Fashion Show! Candidates owned the runway in their Sophie transformation!

Pretty ladies, right? Who do you think won the challenge?

Nikki, Tin and I, together with the Sophie team chose Krishia! She's the one wearing blue shorts! Congratulations! Ms. Sophie candidate representing the head office will receive Sophie products that she chose to wear on the runway plus, she'll be competing along with other Sophie candidates nationwide! Let's all watch out on Oct 6 for the coronation night!

Thank you Sophie Paris for having us! We had a lot of fun. Wish we had stayed longer to witness Sophie Showtime singing contest. The competition was intense!

More power Sophie Paris! Hope to see you guys again soon!

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  1. Oh wow!! I would love to attend that event! :)) I hope Zambo had a lot of events like that! SIGH. Plus the bags and clothes and shoes are love!!! :)))

  2. I want the make up tips! Such a fun event!

  3. I like some goodies too! I haven't attended this kind of fashion gatherings. I really need one... I think. Hayst!

  4. Wee, I love Sophie too bad I cannot buy directly to them I need a representative :)

  5. Nice to know Sophie's trying to reach into the "bloggers" crowd, hehe. I remember getting Sophie to do a make up seminar in my school, ms joan t. was the 'makeup artist'. It was cool, i got to talk to a french guy who co-owns the company, i think :D


  6. Bravo sis! I love Sophie Paris, especially their make-up.. and those bags are uber urban fab!

  7. Congratulations Carizza! I used to have a Sophie bag too. I love your shoes, BTW! :)

  8. Such a fun experience! Your shoes look great btw. :)

  9. Congrats sis! :D I'm sure the attendees learned a lot of styling tips from you.. ^^ Anyway, I haven't bought anything from Sophie Paris yet, but I'll try to grab a few pieces soon.. :)

  10. Congrats, Carizza! I'm sure you did a pretty good job in coaching the candidates.
    I actually love Sophie's bags. They're well-made and sturdy, and chic, too. :)

  11. Congrats! Galing naman. You're looking very svelte too. :)

  12. Congrats on this latest achievement. Seems you girls had a lot of fun.