July 32nd

9:51 PM

Hello guys! Whew what a stressful week! Last weekend, me and my high school/closest friends had lunch at My Thai, Gateway. Like the usual, we exchanged chikas, gifts, and letters. XD

With Pat and Grace

Our friend Armie is MIA. What's new?

Carizza and Eton

My Thai is one of our favorite restaurants here in Metro. They serve the best and authentic Thai food for a very affordable price. My Thai in Gateway Mall sharesspace with its sister restaurant Pho Hoa. We can order from both restaurants. Isn't that great? Vietnamese and Thai food in one sitting?

The resto has bright interiors and cool embossed placemats.

We had Tom Yam Goong. God, I miss the whiff of the lemongrass and kaffir.

Chicken pops? Our favorite!

Eton's favorite!

Cripsy Chicken Wings with Thai Spicy Sauce

Mango Crepe for Pat

Mango Trifle

And the best part is - gift giving!

Good times~ Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Yumm! I love Thai foods! Looks like you guys had fun!

  2. aww ang cute nyo naman, you guys exchange gifts when you meet up?!! :)

  3. minsan lang pag feeling christmas haha

  4. I miss eating Thai food. Hi Patricia! :)