NRCE 2012: Leveling Up Customer Experience!

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Hello there, young entrepreneurs! I have good news for you. PRA (Philippine Retailers Association) highlights why Shopping is is more fun in the Philippines on 21st NCRE, also known as National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Expo.

NRCE, the country's biggest retail industry event, converges its energies with the government's well-conceived It's More Fun in the Philippines campaign, as it invites tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez to speak on the campaign's synergy with retail industry growth and more fun shopping experience. 

This 2-day conference and exhibit is attended by over 800 retail owners, suppliers, CEOs, and top level executives. Each year, NRCE invites experts from the retail industry and other related sectors to cover relevant aspects of retailing. Chief among the bevy of topics at this year’s NRCE are strategies for driving growth and customer engagement.

Adding to the prestige of the event is Coca Cola’s President and CEO William Schultz. He'd be the keynote speaker on the opening day of the conference. Coca Cola, which currently celebrates its centennial year, is among the well-loved brands in the Philippines. Coca Cola’s participation in this year’s NRCE is expected to further elevate the “fun” aspect of the conference as the brand celebrates “100 Year of Happiness”.

This year’s plenary sessions will include the use of an IPO (Initial Public Offerings) as a tool for retail business growth. Engaging new generation shoppers will be covered as well - boosting customer experience using store design and licensing opportunities for retailers. This year's gathering moves forward with talks on personalized branding and transforming employees into brand ambassadors!

This event will be held on August 9 - 10 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. 

Participants will gain more insights on the competitive edge of socially responsible businesses and the retailers' role in advocating a sustainable lifestyle.

1st Day:
1. Digital marketing and online commerce
2.          “Global Brands in Local Shores:
How Local Brands Can Compete and Succeed vis-à-vis International Brands."

2nd Day:
1. “Retail Entertainment: Creating a New Level of Customer Experience"
2. How shopping and leisure are intertwined
3. “The New Turks of Retailing,”

Click here for the complete Conference Program

Im really interested to learn more about Harnessing The Power of Digital Marketing and Online Commerce for Retail Growth. Digital Marketing is always a topic in our office and of course, it's 2012, where everyone is easy to reach online.I think it's about time for me to learn more about that.

It will be held at the Prime Function Room 4. Here's the Stores Asia Expo Layout to give you an idea of how it looks like. Click here.

Let's move forward and improve our retail industry. I'm excited for new innovations in shopping here in our country! I would like to experience Touch Screen grocery shopping. Hey, that means No to Shop Lifting! And no more traffic inside the store because of huge pushcarts.

The 21st NRCE is proudly presented by PLDT Alpha Enterprise, SM Department Store, Hewlett Packard, Robinsons Malls, Araneta Center, Ayala Malls, Meralco, IBM Philippines, DHL Supply Chain Phils., Inc., Festival Supermall, Wilcon Depot, Celine, The Philippine Star, BusinessWorld, ABS CBN, Schutzen, Mobext, Inc., Crossover 105.1., Entrepreneur, Focalcast, Q Creatives, Cylix Technologies, Mediamagnet, Catalyst Media, Infinite Grafix, Travel Club, APL Logistics, Avolution, Live Media, Starmall and Bayantel. 

For more information about the 21st NRCE visit, call PRA at 687-4180/4181 or email or

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  1. wow that's great! thanks for sharing this info :)

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    I do hope that we will, eventually, be able to reach the level of Touch Screen Grocery shopping. That should be more fun -- more convenient too. (Although, that means easier impulse buying! Uh oh) :D

  3. nice :) hopefully i will come too :D thanks for the info ms.carizza :)

  4. very interesting... thanks for the info ms.carizza :)

  5. i always want to attend events like this for starting entrepreneurs like me. i want to put up my business online too!

  6. is this free? i wanna check it out!

  7. Awesome! I will attend this event :)