The No Bangs Look

10:13 AM

Hallo there~ Today, my bangs decided to take a rest, exposing my baby hair on my forehead. ;p Yeah, baby hair looks messy and that's the main purpose why I wear bangs. What do you think is better for me? With or without bangs?

Mom asked me to buy breads last night. Good thing, Breadtalk was still open! Sliced bread for my mom, raisin bun for me, and hot chic for sister. Hello Breadtalk fans out there!

We were the happiest! :)

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10 name tags

  1. I like this on you, it made you look younger than usual ;)


  2. Pretty! I like your eye color too! :)

  3. You look younger without bangs! :) Maybe you could mix it up at times, with bangs for a more lady-like look and without bangs when you just feel like it ^^

  4. Super Beautiful!!! ^__^

    Michael Macalos

  5. bagay pareho with or without bangs sayo! :)

  6. Hahahahha we switched!!! :D :D Ikaw naman ang walang bangs :P I don't mind your baby hair. I actually like it a lot. There was a time I wish I had some too hehehe I think it would be interesting to see you without bangs more often :D

  7. You look fierce in your photo! Nice! Keep it up!


  8. both are cute <3 ganda mo naman lagi dear <3

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  9. I envy you! You look good with or without bangs! I always have bangs---I should have bangs. My forehead is too big. HAHA!