What's in my bag? (Coach)

2:23 PM

Finally! A new What's in my bag post. I'm using a spacious Coach bag wherein my umbrella can fit inside cause the sun is up once again! It feels like summer! It's really hot outside, but after the traumatic typhoon weeks ago, I shall learn how to appreciate these beautiful sun rays.

This kind of weather allowed me to bring these products:

Body Shop Wild Cherry Hand Lotion // Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm // 
DKNY perfume // Parfois Sunglasses

Now I'm craving for a cold drink here! Something sweet and refreshing like The White Hat Fruity Smoothies, maybe? ;)

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  1. Nice sunglasses. I'm sure it looks good on you.

  2. I agree, I love your glasses. Lakas maka-celebrity :)


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  3. yeah your right.. whenever im buying bags, i always take consideration if my umbrella would fit it.

  4. i ♥ your bag! nothing beats something that can carry all your day-to-day essentials, right? ;)

  5. Uh, I love Carmex!