Cupcake in Love

12:13 AM

Top and shoes from Sparkle Shop // Pants and belt from Betty SM GTW

Back to pastels. Another soft and chalky day for me. Pastel is one of the most popular trend this Spring/Summer 2012. It's too sweet I just can't say goodbye to it!

Oh you, pretty little bows...

A pretty sweet shade of pants to pair my peach top. It comes with a white thin belt with gold buckle that makes it look more gorgeous.

And polky heels to match the whole sugary outfit!

We, at Siamese, are neck-deep in our work right now. Too many deadlines to beat! There are fans, bags, cosmetics, and ants! This look was actually taken at field work! To know more about it, please follow us at @siamesetween. Hope we could finish everything before the month ends. September, please be good to us! Chea!

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4 name tags

  1. as always, gorgeous! love the bow and the polka dots details.

  2. those pants look so comfy! i adore the colour and fit

  3. hi angie! omg i miss you! sorry for being MIA on your blog. im buried at work but will visit soooonnn! <3