Keep me in a glass cabinet

8:49 AM

I am a doll collector. I was one of those little girls who carry dolls with them all the time. Even as I outgrew the playing with dolls stage, I still loved having dolls around me. I'm that childish and weird at the same time.

Although, I don't collect the most expensive ones, I treasure the dolls in my collection. I even treat them as my real babies (aside from my pet cats). I'm curious about their lives. How pretty it is. How boring it is being inside the glass. Today, I would like to experience the lovely and sad life of a doll.

Inside the box. Outside the box. Combing Hair. Dressing up.

Dress from Sparkle Shop //
Socks from Saizen // Shoes from boyfriend

Neck piece from somewhere. This doll doesn't have a good memory, huh?

I lost my belt while playing. Have you seen it?

This is actually what I wore at Lolita Grand Launch last week. I hope you'll stick around and search for my doll collection posts here in my blog!

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  1. yeah, i used to play with barbies when i was young as well as other dolls. the glass cabinet is like the glass dollhouse.

  2. Your bf surely has a great taste! those shoes are a killer sis! :))) You must check out the dream of dolls website! They have really lovely dolls there :)

  3. thanks! i prefer the classic/victorian porcelain dolls :)

  4. sigrid @ lovinglymamaSeptember 28, 2012 at 11:41 AM

    haha you look like a doll nga sis and you would look nice in a glass cabinet :D

  5. You are indeed a doll! Effortlessly pretty doll! I was amused when you said the shoes were from boyfriend. Your boyfriend Kenichi Matsuyama has nice taste a! :D Post ka about your doll collection! I wanna seeeee :D

  6. thanks mich! i didnt have the lashes na in that photo. lam mo na what happened ;p eton is my stylist and I ask his opinions about my outfits most of the time haha

  7. you are already a doll. a very nice/beautiful doll. :)
    i love your outfit sis and your shoes <3

  8. Are you my little sister? LOL. I collect dolls too (I'm married and in my 30s). I prefer Pullip dolls over BJDs though. I don't like my dolls anatomically correct. I probably have about 20 or more Pullip, Dal and Taeyang.

    I love your dress and your necklace.

  9. thanks lizzie! i collect victorian/lifesize porcelain dolls :)

  10. michelle villavicencioOctober 23, 2012 at 10:31 PM

    YOUR SO CUTE ! :)) i like your dress POLKA DOTS . tsk!

  11. love d shoes. like ur face better when u smile