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BER months are officially here! It only means that we need to get ready for a lot of events coming our way. As a preparation, I am currently in search for dresses and accessories that I can wear. My peg for this season is the Golden Glamour look! As a busy bee (as always), I'd prefer shopping online and ship it to our office. I would like to share with you guys where I currently browse gold necklaces - Boticca.

The site has the best collection of jewelries, bags and other accessories by top emerging designers from around the world! Take a look at some gold necklaces I've spotted:

Needles and Threads Necklace for $336

This necklace is classic, a good investment that I can use even after 10 or 20 years. One of their BEST SELLERS! Plus, as a pear-shaped woman, it will make my upper body look longer too! This jewellery is seductive, glamorous and easy to wear. It is finished in 18 Carat Gold, and handmade in Zelia Horsley's studio in London. It has mix of plaited and layered chains, creating a luxx tactile piece which will never fail to impress! And you can guarantee you'll be the only one in the room wearing this! 

Chivor Necklace

I think this necklace would be perfect on black dresses and for that Twiggy look! This one costs $1,269. When it comes to jewelry, I always think about the right piece to splurge on and I think this neck piece is a one of a kind! As of now, I'm saving money to get at least this one (there are only 2 pieces left! Pressure!)

Chivor Necklace has a Brazilian Agate as the centre stone and 10" long. It has an adjustable clasp and the beaded extensions can be interchangeable with 24k gold vermeil extensions. It's 24k gold vermeil over Sterling silver. It is also available in Sterling silver that costs $1068.

Jewelry is the secret to look more beautiful. Precious jewelry can symbolize a status, an important relationship or make a plain outfit look glamorous. But of course, you dont really need to splurge a lot. There are sellers that sell beautiful jewelries in a more friendly price just like Boticca. So check out their site now and look for a gold necklace that you can wear and keep for a lifetime!

Share with me your gorgeous finds at Boticca.com!

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  1. Hi Carizz! Love the necklaces you posted. Very unique from all the accessories Ive been seeing lately! :)

  2. Boticca has some really nice accessories. I am in love with so many pieces from their site. Hahaha so funny that we wrote about it on the same day! :D :D :D BUT, different angles ha! Love it!!!

  3. hahaha i cant stop myself from viewing their products. Im particularly in love with those 2 pieces!

  4. What a gorge gold necklace! I am digging gold these days so Imma visit the site now! Thanks sis! :>

  5. I love jewelries! Pero what I love more is a good timepiece.

  6. Wow, I love these necklaces especially the first one. It's just so expensive for me to purchase something that costly for now. I definitely agree though that these are timeless pieces perfect then, now and in the future :)

  7. Wow! Love the necklace It reminds me of my mom who loves big necklaces.... Another target for Christmas! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I am actually looking for gold necklaces to boost my meager collection of accessories and I've heard a lot about boticca.com -- I hope shipping isn't so prohibitive.