Redhead Model Search at SM Cubao!

6:15 PM

The SM GTW Redhead Model Search at SM Cubao last September 8 was full of fun and fashion! I attended the last leg of the model search with fellow blog ambassadors - Arnie and Rovie.

It was my second time, actually. The first one was held at SM Makati.

SM GTW team set up a stage at the 2nd floor of the mall for the event.

As expected, huge number of aspiring models came to register and presented their best for the search.

To view more photos of the girls who joined, please visit:
These ladies enjoyed a free makeover from Maybelline, freebies from Stabilo and Crystal Clear.

As blog ambassadors, we also prepared some fashion and runway tips with a little sample ramp for them. Yikes, stage fright once again. Hahaha! (Thanks Joey for taking our photos here!)

Our host for the day, Ms. Dorothy

I'm wearing a top from Shopaholic of SM GTW of course ;)

Then, two aspiring models were asked to come up on stage and ramp on the runway and we gave them runway tips after.

Submission of entries for the model search is already closed. Thank you to all those who participated. Stay tuned this Friday, September 14th for the announcement of the Top 13 Finalists. Weee~ Who's excited?! 

Thank you so much SM GTW and to the people behind the model search for this wonderful opportunity. I am humbly grateful. *cry cry* And to my lovely readers, thank you so much for supporting this blog. Keep reading and see the latest in beauty and fashion!

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  1. My best friend and I actually joined this one :)))) Her, for a serious note, but for me, on a whim lang and I seriously felt foolish. But anyhooo, it was nice seeing such beautiful girls! :D I'm rooting for my best friend though of course ;D

  2. You can pass for a model. I love your top btw.

  3. i used to attend these events when i was younger, in my 20s. they are interesting.

  4. I love your shorts, so dainty! :)
    I'm sure a lot of girls that day felt inspired upon hearing your insights. I wonder when will the winners be announced?

  5. This must be such an experience for you. :) Congratulations! ;)

  6. Yay!! Super fun nitong day na to with you guys ♥ See you again soon!! >:D<

  7. hi arnie! i have my bets na for top 13 haha. yup, see you again sooonn!! :>

  8. Love your outfit, Carizza! :D You three look so fantabulous here! Anyway, I wasn't able to drop by to Redhead model search tour, but I've been buying a lot of clothes from SM GTW! :D