Mediplast Cartoon Strips

11:20 AM

Have you seen these cute Mediplast Cartoon Strips in the drugstore? They've recently launched a new product called Mediplast Cartoons Plastic Strips. These are bandages come in three different designs (angels, teddy bears, and stars).

I just turned 24 (young lady now huh?) but still can't avoid boo boos. As a pet lover, I am prone to different length of scratches. ~_~ and a fashion blogger always needs it especially when you try to fit in shoes that is smaller than your size. XD That's why I make sure that we always have adhesive bandages in our first aid kit.

And now that I have Mediplast have these adorable bandage strips, my wounds would definitely heal fast and safe. Four years ago, I used to collect cute bandage strips but they were too expensive at that time that I had second thoughts on using them. Mediplast Cartoon Strips are priced at only  P15.50/10 pieces, P60.00/50 pieces, and P104.50/100 pieces. That's really affordable! It is available in all Mercury Drug Stores and leading supermarkets nationwide.


My most favorite would be the purple one! I hope they'd come up with more designs soon! It's always best to be prepared, so thanks to Mediplast, I now have a lot of cute adhesive bandages to stock up in my kit!

Visit their website for more information about Mediplast products.

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  1. I used to put colored bandages when I was a kid, kahit wala naman akong sugat. Would love to have colored bandages ulit.hehe. Bring back the childhood craziness. :P

  2. I just bought mine last Friday. And they're sooo cute :) Instead of frowning because of my wound, I would just smile because it's covered with a cute-sy bandage. Hee

  3. I need to get me some of these. XD

  4. hahaha yup, i cant wait to use it for real hahaha