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What's on my table?

Whether you're going out to a party or simply taking a stroll at the mall, these days, it's important to have an outfit that's well put together. One that isn't too overstated but just enough to stand out, make heads turn and strangers to ask “Who's that girl?”. Every detail should complement the others: from the top, to the shoes, the accessories – and even to the nail polish. Having well-manicured nails painted with a dashing color is the perfect cherry-on-top to an amazing outfit!

It's a good thing Caronia, the leading local nail polish brand, released their new holiday collection: Miss Mystic! This new collection features 3 mystifying shades that work well with any outfit. It's perfect for the coming Holidays, especially when you're hopping from one party to another. Stand out among friends and family by wearing this season's most fashionable colors at the tips of your fingers!

For the sophisticated socialite, there's Rouge, your basic red in a not-so-usual elegant shade. For those that want to get edgy this holiday season, try Moss – a deep-green shade with a hint of frost. And for the fashionable girl who wants to her nails to match her ever-changing party outfits, Taupe is a great nude shade to complement this season's hottest colors and trends. Don't forget to apply a coat of Caronia's Nail Hardener and Base Coat before applying your preferred shade to fill out ridges and protect your nails, and top it off with Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat and a drop of our award-winning Kwik Dry and Cuticle Conditioner before heading out the door. Touch up with the Top Coat as needed to keep your nails looking glamorous for a long time.

This shimmery pouch is too perfect to complete this Holiday look. How I wish all my things would fit inside. See how I mixed the three Miss Mystic colors in preparation for the Holiday season:

Looking at my nails makes me more excited about Christmas! Yay I can't wait! Thank you Caronia for these wonderful nail polishes!

The Miss Mystic Collection is available in leading supermarkets, department stores, and drug stores nationwide. For more nail styling tips, like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CaroniaPhilippines and visit www.caronia.com.ph.

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  1. Wow! When I first saw the photo I thought it's from a fashion store but I was wrong! Love your nails, girl! Good job!


  2. cutey! i think i like this set better than the previous collection

  3. yes it is. my mom love also love the collection, & even the red pouch!

  4. thanks krissy~ im currently thinking of more nail art combinations for this collection ;)

  5. lovely shades, perfect for the gloomy BER months..hehehe