Neon on Pastel Candy

12:51 PM

I love experimenting on things. My recent look for Candy Fair 2012 was about neon and pastels. First time to wear neon on my outfit. I've always had problems with neon colours. I find them way too bright. Since this is experimental, I didn't make it in full blast.

Dress from Petit Monde
Blue bangle from SM Accessories // DIY Orange Bangle //
Orange Ring from Girl Shoppe // Shoes from SHILI

Dressed in a small world. My boyfriend Eton picked this dress for me. :) It's a mix of baby blue and neon orange shades.

Eton helped me pick the best pair at Shili too. He has a good taste in fashion, right? This pastel shoes look so sweet I wanna eat it. Oops.

To complete the look, I wore this colorful accessories! Cut out my old neon shorts that I rarely use and wrapped it around the bangle. Haha. DIY post soon? Hmmm.

What do you think about mixing pastels and neons?

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  1. I love everything. The shoes, bangles and the dress. :) Used to wear a LOT of neons when I was in high school. LOL. Good ol' times.

  2. OMG! You look like a barbie doll! Soo pretty! :) I love the dress and even your shoes... :)

  3. You got the good combination. Pag ako yan sigurado miss match XD

  4. grabe ka kath! walang mismatch sa taong maganda :D

  5. thanks lizzie! wow, you're so brave to wear those bright colors in school!

  6. You look so pretty and I love the shoes! :)

  7. I so love your dress and shoes here! Even your accessories~ I'd love to wear something like this. I don't own a lot of neons and pastels nga lang.. Puro blacks and neutrals! T__T