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10:24 PM

Time flies so fast. It's already the last week of October! I'm really thankful October has been good to me. My birthday was awesome and projects with clients at SIAMESE Design Studio are smooth and fast. 

One of the great things that happened this month was being one of the guests of I AM MEG: Own the World in Style at SOFA two weeks ago. Can't share what happened yet so I'll just show you what I wore for that event.

Topdress from Sparkle Shop // Necklace from Girl Shoppe // Bag from Parfois // 
Watch from Sophie Paris // Foxtail from Sparkle Shop // Shoes from Parisian

Aside from the gorgeous animal print of this top/dress, I am also in love with its sheer back detail. It was too small for me when I bought it a year ago. I'm so glad I was able to reach my target size and finally fit into this top/dress.

If you'd notice, I got a lot of bruises on my legs that day. I moved the bulky TV and its rack to give way to a new cabinet at home. Until now, I can't believe I did that! So macho.

Photos by Rovie Divinagracia

Photo by Keigh Jalbuena

Taping wouldn't be fun without Keigh and Rovie. Thanks for the photos, girls! We went to Serenitea as well to chill out and do more outfit shots.

Necklace from Girl Shoppe

Bag from Parfois // Foxtail from Sparkle Shop

So random. Keigh told me that my foxtail is so chubby. While the cab driver thought I was carrying a dog. Haha. I have 4 foxtails at home, but I must say, this is my most favorite! The color and quality is just perfect.

This watch from Sophie Paris made the whole outfit effortlessly glamorous. It's dazzling and sparkly, I fell in love with it. Sophie Paris excels in leather bags and wallets and now they also have different products such as watches that can be perfect as gifts this Christmas.

And of  course, my bestfriend in most events...

wedges from Parisian! Hihi. I can't wait to write about what happened at the event! It was just short but fun! To give you a hint, please don't forget to watch I AM MEG: Own the World in Style, 7pm this Saturday only at ETC.

Thank you so much MEG team for this opportunity!

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  1. ganda mo! yeee excited ako makita airing ng episode natin :p lol

    Rovie The Bargain Doll :)

  2. Wedges, I love! :) Bought two pairs from Primadonna last last week. :)

  3. Cute outfit! :) I love everything feline, so this is like WOW. And you're wearing the watch na! I haven't opened mine yet. But, sige na nga, I'll use it na. Yay!


  4. go go go and match it with your outfit :D