Sparty at Entice the Salon!

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Last October 18, Marj Sia had a Birthday Sparty at Entice the Salon for her family and friends. Everyone was given at least two of their services - haircut, color, treatment, makeover, manicure/pedicure. Perfect timing cause my hair was already boring and in need of a new treatment! Entice the Salon just opened this year (July 2012) but I've already been hearing a lot of good feedbacks so I wanted to see it for myself.

Photo from Entice the Salon fanpage

The salon is located at the back of Hanston Square Bldg. at San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas. It's just near Richmonde Hotel (which I'd be blogging about soon) and the famous Starbucks Coffee in that area.

Marj's sparty theme was Prints & Patterns (preferably animal prints) and of course I'm all for that! So I wore my colorful animal leggings for that day. Not a good timing cause I had an emergency meeting with a very important client in the afternoon as well and I had no time to change anymore. I hope my outfit was forgivable. Haha!

Marj was already having her hair and makeup done when I arrived.

William Wong, the international creative director, was also there to assist the guests. I was impressed how hands on he is with his job.

I opted to have my hair color changed and have a hair spa as well. Problem is, the color that I wanted was not available at that time (I was planning to color my hair dark red) so I just chose the nearest color available which is 5,62. It's almost near to black, but it's fine as long as I get rid of my brown hair.

Photo before the hair makeover. Forgive the sleepless, tired face hahaha. Roy Moralde, one of their master stylists was the one who made my hair. He applied the hair color directly to my hair without shampooing first. They say, after shampooing, the pores tend to open and chemicals might go in and itch.

Since I had ugly ombre hair, he divided my hair into two parts and applied a stronger mix of hair colour at my hair ends. Finally it got rinsed after 30 minutes and the hair spa treatment was applied.

For only 1 and a half hour (their time estimate was impressive), my dull hair transformed to darker and healthier color. That was fast and the result is great!

Thank you so much Marj for this total pampering experince. We are now back to black! I hope you liked my little present for you. :)

Photo by Mark Alvarez

Oh one more thing, I noticed my eyelash top matches the fringe curtain room divider. Haha.

Try it yourselves. You'd love their salon service. Like them on Facebook, and follow on Twitter!

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