Weekend Workshop at SCHU

12:26 PM

Sad about this heavy rain and tummy ache. Now, I am stuck here at home finishing errands but still I feel blessed with the good things coming my way. Happy birthday month for me!

Last Saturday was filled with learning new things and meeting new friends. I attended a free weekend workshop at Schu Factory Outlet which houses MYTH, Chocolate Schubar and Bling Duck products. If you would remember, I invited one lucky blog reader, Jayne Wu, to join me in the said event with other bloggers and SOFA students.

The workshop was about Fashion PR and Fashion Writing by Mr. Tedrick Yau, PR and Events Manager of One Mega Group and Ms. Sarah Santiago, Features Editor of MEGA Magazine. 

Tedrick shared some PR tips like using social media sites, be honest as possible, and look presentable. He also discussed Crisis Management and gave advises on how to become positive in such incidents. Being a public relations representative is really tough. You have to be acquainted with many people and remember them one by one. I find his presentation very interesting as I also get invited to some of MEGA events. :)

sharing videos of Furne One

Sarah, on the other hand, shared her experiences in fashion writing and how one should be passionate with what yhis/her work. This is a big help for us, bloggers, as we all write our fashion experiences in our own e-spaces.

I was also surprised she mentioned Nix Alanon in her topic! Haha, yeah I remember Phoenix Home being featured in the magazine. After the talk, I approached them to say Thank You (Hey I didn't forget Tedrick's last tip haha) and build relationship with them even with just a small talk (also Sarah's tip). Glad that Sarah still recognized me. Haha.

I still want the strappy maroon dress from MYTH

I was also eyeing at this pair from BlingDuck

I'm still in love with these SCHU Snakeskin flats

Met familiar faces and blogger friends like Ana Gonzales, Krissy, Arnie, Rovie, Melanie (my blog giveaway winner), Jayne (my workshop winner), Phya, and seatmate Nika. I got GCs for getting the right answers at Q&A portion. I won a BlingDuck and Schu GC but eventually exchanged it with Krissy's Myth P1000 GC cause she was eyeing for a cute pair of shoes.

I was soooo tempted to use the GCs but I eventually thought of giving it away soon here in my blog. That will make my blog readers happy for sure. ;) Watch out for it! :D Thank you so much ShopManila for this! We enjoyed the free workshop. See you all again soon!

Don't forget to follow them on Twitter! @schu_shop and @www.twitter.com/myth_boutique

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  1. Nice! I love workshops because you always learn something new. :-)

  2. I love workshops too! This looks like it was fun :)

  3. MelanieNavalesEsponillaNovember 25, 2012 at 1:22 PM

    Hi Carizza. It was nice meeting you at the workshop. Too bad we didn't got the chance to have a photo together. I'm always like that, Shy and Awkward. Anyway, goodluck and I enjoy reading your blog. I also voted for you at the White's Hot competition. More to come dear! ;)