What's on my table? Tony Moly Body Cleanser

6:34 PM

What's on my table?

I'd love to spend countless showers dreaming of a soft fruity scent.  It's a luscious surprise to the senses when the scent of a tropical fruit mango touches your body.  The relaxing scent wafts lightly to my nose and not strong, thus, I was able to use it everyday in the shower.

It provides vitality to tired skin and makes it moisturized and soft instantly. It feels so light on the skin and doesn't make me feel sticky.

 It only costed me P298! It comes in a 280ml bottle with a white pump that makes it easier to control the amount of product to use.

I love it! Adds excitement to shower time. Will definitely buy this product again soon. :)

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  1. I love fruity scented soaps!! I think I'll try this out soon :) Hope you can drop by my blog sometime!


  2. i like those products, too. i mostly buy st ives and the body shop for such products. but there are also other similar brands out there that i also buy.

  3. sa packaging palang, you know it smells nice!! <3