That Awesome Bond with Sisters II

Another bonding time with Small Sister... We went shopping again and ate pasta at Dulcinea, Alimall branch~

Dulcinea is one of our favorite restaurants in Manila. Especially their four seasons fruit shake ;) This time we tried Galantina in Flamenca Sauce with Fish Fillet and Atun En Linguine with Chicken Fingers for merienda. Delicioso!


The first pasta was in red sauce mixed with fish, tofu and bell peppers. The second one was very good. Made with white sauce, mixed with chicken strips and green peas. Only P100 per plate with a glass of iced tea!

Happy us! We'll go back soon :)

Smoothies at The White Hat!

Crazy Heat! Yes, it's the start of summer once again.I really hate this season. Good thing there are ice creams, froyos, and cold drinks around. Speaking of froyos, we love frozen yogurts from the The White Hat! My favorite White Hat branch is at Gateway Mall, since it is really accessible from my place. Check out their latest craze, The Smoothies which I'm sure you'll love too! I was invited to take a sip of these smoothies and went to their branch at SM North EDSA, Annex.

The White Hat has three new line of cold drinks namely, Fruity Smoothies, Signature Smoothies, and Creamy Treats! Prices range from P125 - P150 each. I had a hard time choosing cause everything looks so great! Me and my boyfriend eventually decided to try their Best Seller Blueberry Grape and Banana Walnut Honey.

Blueberry Grape Smoothie has a light taste of sweet, which is actually great. It tastes like Blueberry and Grapes mixed with fresh milk and yogurt. It was soooo good, I wanted to ask for another cup. XD If you don't like sweet cold drinks, you may try this one.

Blueberry Grape Signature Smoothie

Banana Walnut Honey on the other hand was really sweet! Perfect for a sweet toothed person like me. It has a unique blend of banana, milk, yogurt, honye, and exciting bits of walnuts. I've never tasted anything like this before. This is better than any milk teas, in my opinion ;)

Banana Walnut Honey Signature Smoothie

Both flavors were suprisingly good! I would like to try their frappe-like Creamy Treats when I get back! And also, I am really curious how Mango Cream Pie tastes like. *writes down on my food trip list*

The White Hat experience is not complete without a cup of frozen yogurt. We ordered a cup of froyo topped with blueberry and strawberries for only P120. I love fruits!

 Happy and contented customers~ It's great to taste something new and different. Thank you TWH team for inviting us! Have you already tasted TWH's Smoothies? It's perfect this hot summer season, so try it now!

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That Awesome Bond with Sisters I

Another bonding time with my sisters. Yes, I argue and fight with my sisters sometimes, you know, it's really common to siblings. We're not sweet all the time. Cats don't always want to be hugged XD but we know how to share and maintain a beautiful relationship with each other from time to time.

Usually, my older sisters enjoy the day and let the younger one (that's me) do the work. I cook dinner, feed the pets, sometimes wash the dishes, and doesn't even get paid. Now, it's a weekend and they're treating me dinner. It's time to sit back and enjoy HAHA.

While waiting for Big Sister, Small Sister and I went to California Berry at SM Megamall and chilled for a while on a hot sunny day...

Hurray! We had Blueberry flavored froyo topped with fresh fruits!

Small Sister doesn't want me to post her solo photo haha. Blueberry flavored froyo was good but we prefer the original one. We'll order that next time ;)

When Big Sister arrived, we strolled around the mall and ate again at Papa John's! I love their pizza! You must try it, I swear :)

Camwhoring while waiting for our food~ We love taking pictures! Hahahaha~

Big Sister

Small Sister and me

She's older than me but I call her Small Sister because Big Sister is definitely bigger than her. Bwahahaha. And I think she looks younger than me too? I wont reveal her age but she is 4 years older than me. ;)

Super Papa's Pizza

It's the ultimate combination of tasty Pepperoni Italian Sausage, Ham, freshly sliced Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers, and Black Olives. A legendary taste treat! Served with a separate cup of garlic butter and bell pepper.

BBQ Pork Ribs

Succulent pork ribs baked to perfection!


Not all are blessed with loving and caring sisters. They're not the perfect sisters but I guess, I'm lucky enough to have them ;) I hope we could go out together with our mom again soon!

Nuffnang Celebrates Its 5th Year

My friend Angel invited me to be her Plus One for Nuffnang's 5th anniversary event at Borough, The Podium Mall last night. It's the BLUEst night of February! Almost everyone followed the theme. :)

The second floor of Borough was filled with different bloggers and photographers! Food and overflowing drinks were also served! I guess we were the first pair to get cocktail drinks. XD

We got a chance to meet Marge of Kikay Trekkie and Cat of Kikaytalk! They were really nice and sooo pretty in person. We had a beauty talk that night!

Marge's candid face as we wait for our turn at the photobooth

At first, we weren't able to get food. Good thing Jay and the other staff were really nice to offer us some. We got macaroni in tomato sauce, popcorns & fried squids, mom's milk & cookies, and a tray of sliders!


With Valerie Chua and Marj Sia. I love Val's doll-like curls here~~ Teach me how to curl hair like that!

With Tin Iglesias and Tracy Ayson. Our first photo together after so many events :D

Thanks you Angel for the invite! That was fun~ Happy 5th Birthday, Nuffnang!