Walking on sunshine


Things aren’t planned (as usual) but I am so excited about this new journey for SIAMESE. A little complex and unpredictable so we certainly worked extra during our first few steps. All those sleepless nights were worth it and we’re slowly embracing the wonderful changes.


Top from Mango // Skirt from Uniqlo

I’ve learned a few tips along the way that help me with work-life balance. First, stop the pills. Haha. It isn’t helping my acne and it’s ruining me psychologically. I noticed that breakouts slowed down after that and I became less worried and emotional once again. So, it is not effective and a complete waste of time and money.



Second, setting priorities straight. SIAMESE is our baby, it’s a business that we’ve started out from nothing, but sometimes I feel pangs of stress and and exhaustion too. Whenever that happens, I take a break by attending events and write on my blog. I just have to make sure that I am delivering well at work. After all, it’s the primary hand that we have. And that lead me to think more about number three, which is to unplug. Work day never seems to end. There are times when you should just shutdown and enjoy a little. As I have said earlier, we’ve been working extra recently for this new journey. Sometimes, we don’t even feel the weekend anymore. But whenever we take a break, we make sure to reconnect with loved ones and make quality time true quality time. I am still having difficulty with this part but we’ll get there. I hope everything goes really well. *plays Happy Working Song*


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12 thoughts on “Walking on sunshine

  1. Your outfit is so neat! I love the color combination.
    And I know you can do it, with great teamwork plus the love for SIAMESE. And it’s nice to know that behind your busy work schedule, you still find time to write on your blog. I’m really enjoying it. And reading this article urges me to study hard so I can put up my own business after graduating 🙂 Goodluck on SIAMESE’s new journey!

  2. True madam..stop the pills po mas maganda tlga is natural remedies like fruits and vegetables and vitamins. Just continue to do po the things you love to do without holding back. Above all, importante pa din po ang magpahinga and syempre relax.

  3. Its okay to unplug sometimes, just to rest not to give up. Don’t worry, everything will be alright. Just keep doing what you love and what makes you happy madam 😊 labyu 😘

  4. Better po talaga madam if mag natural nalang kasi ung mga gamot may mga chemicals na e. Hehe. Ganda mo talaga madam blooming ka dito hehe. And ung shoes mo 😍😍😍

  5. Goodluck on Siamese’s new journey! Tyaga-tyaga lang, after lahat ng hardwork na yan, for sure iba yung joy and happiness na mararamdaman nyo! 😊 but syempre, pahi-pahinga din pag may time. Beauty rest para laging pretty doll. Patnubayan ka nawa ni God at panatilihing kang malusog at malakas para magampanan mo lahat ng maayos at magawa mo lahat ng mga minimithi ng puso mo. Happy Tuesday! 💖

  6. I agree din po na wag na magTake ng kahit na anong pills. Fruits,veggies,fish and more more water is maganda sa katawan all natural pa po. Proper rest Madam para laging blooming at ready to face everyday Life. Goodluck and Godbless po.

  7. Sometimes its not the work that stresses us much more, but its the pressure. Personally, i love having some me time & taking breaks in between like visiting a new place or trying out new things or foods.. this makes my mood go back, energize me more and kept me on track & focus on what to do first and so on.. Or sometimes a little chit chat with my family & friends is always a good idea. 🙂 I hope your journey with your work & Siamese will be as happy as what you are doing with your blog Ms Carizza. We, your followers, will always support you no matter what. 🙂

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