Shiny, Sparkly, Glittery



“Shiny stars, stylish stripes and sparkly glitter — that’s what this season is all about.”


Top from Mango // Skirt from H&M // Shoes from HK // Pearls

First of all, don’t judge me. Many girls would prefer a comfy shirt and stylish shorts for everyday wear while I’d go for tutu skirts (and pearls) any day. So I recently shopped at H&M and their latest Star Studded collection from the Kids’ section caught my eyes.


Who wouldn’t be pleased to be in this cute sparkly skirt?




So much ballerina feels lately. Forgive me.


And my dolly self is out once again.

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6 thoughts on “Shiny, Sparkly, Glittery

  1. OMG! your like a doll! I like your fashion. You look so elegant, plus the doll eyed! (I used to wear contact lens too) I’m inlove with your pink flats. that “ballerina feels” I feel the same too haha! I hope you can share me some Ms. Carizza, joke! =) Will be here to support you =)

  2. Your look and style is totally kawaii! 🙂 Don’t mind those who judge you and just be yourself and do things that will make you happy. You’re even more beautiful when you’re confident to express yourself. 🙂 That skirt is really cute partnered with those Ballerina shoes. You’re a star and deserves to shine, spark and glitter! 🙂

  3. Hi Ms Carizza, i wish i would be the winner of the commenter of the month. Since it is October, my birthmonth, i hope i will behosen as the winner.😀

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