• Cabbage Patch Kids On The Loose!

    Cabbage Patch Kids On The Loose!

    I recently realized that I have more Cabbage Patch Kids than I should have adopted. They are still growing and it’s become difficult for me to let go of them. I know I should have only adopted one or two, but they are just so adorable! Would you believe it was SO BIG in the […]

  • Dollhouse


    Dolls. Dolls. Dolls. My room is slowly becoming a dollhouse. They are now everywhere! I decided to place some of my porcelain dolls out of the cabinet so they can get some fresh air. Do you see Petunia making new friends? Petunia, the guardian angel doll, is from Papemelroti by Robert Alejandro. So cute! I […]

  • Galoob Spice Girls Doll – Geri Halliwell

    Galoob Spice Girls Doll – Geri Halliwell

    The Spice Girls Girl Power doll was released in 1997 by Galoob, now known as Hasbro. The Geri Halliwell doll from this collection has highlighted red hair and is wearing a Union Jack dress. It has red platform boots, video camera, magazine and carries a black microphone. It’s not the nicest face mold but the […]

  • I Invaded My Sister’s Barbie Room!

    I Invaded My Sister’s Barbie Room!

    The Barbie fever is still on! So before watching Barbie The Movie, I invaded my sister’s Barbie room to get a glimpse (again and again) of her Barbie collection. This is the well-played Barbie group. Some are still in their original clothes. Can you name any of them? Sparkle Beach Barbie and her Ken. The […]

  • Hi, Barbie!

    Hi, Barbie!

    We could already see some iconic looks from the upcoming film, Barbie The Movie but my most favorite would still be the pink gingham dress. Here’s my look of the day inspired by it! The film will be out in just a few weeks! Thanks to all the trailers and set pictures released, we already […]

  • The World of Annie – Movie Star Knickerbocker Doll

    The World of Annie – Movie Star Knickerbocker Doll

    The sun will come out… tomorrow! Today, I am reunboxing Movie Star Annie doll by Knickerbocker. Welcome to the world of Annie. The doll’s mold is far from Aileen Quinn’s sweet face but who cares? It’s iconic! Too bad, the box got damaged from shipment. At the back, you’d see some scenes from the 1982 […]

  • Barbie The Movie

    Barbie The Movie

    To live in Barbie Land is to be a perfect being in a perfect place. Unless you have a full-on existential crisis. Or you’re a Ken. Weeks ago, Barbie The Movie trailer was finally unveiled after it was first announced in 2019. The film, directed by Greta Gerwig, is set to paint the world in […]

  • L.O.L. Surprise: Purr-fection!

    L.O.L. Surprise: Purr-fection!

    Hi Baes! Been MIA for L.O.L. Surprise! Happy to be able to take them out of their boxes again and meet new friends. Are you ready to meet the new squad? Uptown Girl is the big sister to fan favorite L.O.L. Surprise character, Prim. She has a timeless style and loves to make the classics […]

  • Sarah – Tiny Tots Cloth Doll by Christine Adams

    Sarah – Tiny Tots Cloth Doll by Christine Adams

    Sarah. I saw this doll on marketplace displayed right beside Chuckie and Pennywise. Eton said she looks like Michael Myers but there’s just something about her. So for less than the price of a sack of dry catfood, this little cloth doll was mine. This was her when she was listed by the seller: When […]