• Pink Plaid for Barbenheimer Day

    Pink Plaid for Barbenheimer Day

    If there’s an outfit that I’d wear over and over again – it’s a pink plaid skirt. I just love how dainty it is whether you pair it with a white sweet blouse, t-shirt, turtleneck or a sweater. Today, I picked a cute blouse for a dainty style with Liz Lisa bag and accessories to […]

  • Girl Power

    Girl Power

    Who was your first gg bias? Mine was Ginger Spice of Spice Girls! A lot of people would say that I would answer Baby Spice because of her sweet personality but back in the day, I really love Geri Halliwell‘s personality! She’s my female awakening! Remember the rumors about their sexuality back in the 90s […]

  • Denim is Forever!

    Denim is Forever!

    Denim is truly a wardrobe staple and I am just glad this denim dress still fits me! If I maintain the same size and weight for the next five years then—Denim is Forever! I got this cute pair of shoes for “free” when it was on sale and used up card points. I had enough […]

  • Hi, Barbie!

    Hi, Barbie!

    We could already see some iconic looks from the upcoming film, Barbie The Movie but my most favorite would still be the pink gingham dress. Here’s my look of the day inspired by it! The film will be out in just a few weeks! Thanks to all the trailers and set pictures released, we already […]

  • Back in All Black

    Back in All Black

    Work is life but we need a little proof of existence in this blog. So, I am back in all black. We were tasked to wear all black for Ms. Universe Preliminary Competition 2023 and here’s how I mixed and matched my outfit. Mid-length tulle skirt can look cute yet still posh for a formal […]

  • Checkmate


    It’s the pink season and I just had to wear my color that day. Currently, New Jeans and Itzy are on loop so excuse the style inspo. I don’t usually collect kpop merch although I’ve been a keen listener of 1st gen from Lee Hyori to BoA until 2ne1 era. I was more focused on […]

  • Monster In My Pocket

    Monster In My Pocket

    Distort Monsters exhibition at Secret Fresh last June 2022. His works are really impressive. They’re like Pokemons that you can collect but in an art form – and they’re all over metaverse! Aside from his wonderful art, we also like the artist’s personality, his discipline and the history behind his works. On this rainy afternoon, […]

  • Dressing Up Improves Your Mood

    Dressing Up Improves Your Mood

    My last personal style post was December 2021. Wow! It’s been almost a year! I have a couple of outfits shots published on IG this year but not in this blog so I thought of documenting them here as well, even the most casual look, so just I have something to look at in the […]

  • Léon for Halloween

    Léon for Halloween

    For this year’s Halloween, we dressed up as Léon and Mathilda from Léon: The Professional. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s a 1995 action film starring Jean Reno and Natalie Portman. Must watch. Love that we came up with a last minute costume without having to rush to the mall. I raided Eton’s closet to […]