• Checkmate


    It’s the pink season and I just had to wear my color that day. Currently, New Jeans and Itzy are on loop so excuse the style inspo. I don’t usually collect kpop merch although I’ve been a keen listener of 1st gen from Lee Hyori to BoA until 2ne1 era. I was more focused on […]

  • Monster In My Pocket

    Monster In My Pocket

    Distort Monsters exhibition at Secret Fresh last June 2022. His works are really impressive. They’re like Pokemons that you can collect but in an art form – and they’re all over metaverse! Aside from his wonderful art, we also like the artist’s personality, his discipline and the history behind his works. On this rainy afternoon, […]

  • Dressing Up Improves Your Mood

    Dressing Up Improves Your Mood

    My last personal style post was December 2021. Wow! It’s been almost a year! I have a couple of outfits shots published on IG this year but not in this blog so I thought of documenting them here as well, even the most casual look, so just I have something to look at in the […]

  • Lovito: Boho Style Stays Up In The Air

    Lovito: Boho Style Stays Up In The Air

    I thought we’re already embracing the rainy season but look what we have now – a warm, sunny weather! The whispers of a boho style stay up in the air and I got to try new trendy outfits from Lovito on Shopee! Some of my recent IG looks are actually from this shop. They’re soo […]

  • Mikana: Add A Dazzling And Playful Vibe To Your Outfit

    Mikana: Add A Dazzling And Playful Vibe To Your Outfit

    Charm necklaces are easy to style and I think most women have these in their wardrobe. It adds a dazzling and playful vibe to your outfit without looking too formal or too fancy, and the best part is that you can get these from Mikana at Shopee to level up your style. I rarely dress […]

  • One Afternoon

    One Afternoon

    Found a 100% VEGAN footwear that suits my style! Vegan leather is a sustainable alternative, cruelty-free, less waste and lesser carbon footprint (compared to synthetic) – minimizing environmental impacts. Very comfortable to wear too and not too heavy unlike the real ones. Of course, since this is still not genuine leather, it will tear and […]

  • Comfy Homewear With Hemsfort

    Comfy Homewear With Hemsfort

    Was about to checkout but I completely wiped out my Shopee cart when I stumbled upon this candy-colored top and pants from Hemsfort PH. So I immediately changed orders! ✌🏼 This top and pants is so cute and comfy! I got the cropped top for only P199 and the lounge pants for only P249. I love […]

  • Different Looks With Freshlook Contact Lens

    Different Looks With Freshlook Contact Lens

    So recently, I’ve been trying to step out of my fashion comfort zone and one of those is changing eye contact lens. Yes, eye color makes so much difference in your overall look. I usually go for big eye contact lens. I actually wanted an upper and lower blep when I was younger because of […]

  • Out of the Woods

    Out of the Woods

    After my 2nd dose of vaccine, I had runny nose, headache, chills then I suddenly lost my sense of smell and taste. Yikes! So I had my swab tests done and it felt so weird (but thankful 🙏🏻) to see negative results! Must be the vaccine side effect. Whew! I encourage everyone to get vaccinated, […]