Me Time on World Doll Day

World Doll Day is celebrated every 8th of June. Doll collectors around the world celebrate this day by giving a doll to a family and friends, or take a break and rearrrange the collection, or even hunt for more dolls!

For this year, I pulled out to appreciate some of my antique dolls – Simon & Halbig, Armand Marseille and Kestner. These dolls are from the 1890-1920s and their bodies and clothing are already too delicate so I rarely play with them.

I have already introduced this 143 face mold by J.D. Kestner in my blog in the past. She’s one of my favorites!

I changed her dress this time. I just felt that she’ll look more cheerful in a blue floral dress. What do you think?

Floradora by Armand Marseille is a common face mold among collectors. It came in various sizes from 23 cm (9.1 in) to 107 cm (42 in). The one that I have is the 23 cm. I just acquired her recently. I just thought it would be lovely to add a small bisque doll in my collection for variety.

This 27” Simon and Halbig is a doll that I’ve won in an auction during the pandemic but because of her size and fragileness, I encountered some problems shipping her here in the Philippines. Many thanks to the gods and humans who’ve helped me bring her home!

So happy to finally meet her after almost four years! I also noticed that her headdress and gown is starting to deteriorate. The weather here isn’t helping. What to do??

Doll collecting is just one of the many hobbies under the category “Dolls.” Buying is another, Mine-Hold-Steal is different, and same with Sewing, Styling, Restoration, Furniture and Accessories, Dollhouses, Books, Photography, Stuff Animals and other vintage toys. So many distractions and side quests including searching for that particular missing shoe!

But at the end of the day, surrounding myself with dolls and doll-related things keep me busy and happy. My kind of me time!

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