Cabbage Patch Kids On The Loose!

I recently realized that I have more Cabbage Patch Kids than I should have adopted. They are still growing and it’s become difficult for me to let go of them. I know I should have only adopted one or two, but they are just so adorable! Would you believe it was SO BIG in the early 1980s that kids and parents were frantic getting these dolls in the market? The fever may have subsided for CPK collectors, but not for me!

With vintage Minnie Mouse by Applause, Madame Alexander Pussycat, Blue Plush cuddle toy styled by Douglas, Puppy Surprise, and Little Pretty Kitties by Mattel

I’m lucky to find some vintage CPK from the 80s but I also have some modern face molds. Cabbage Patch Kids were created by Xavier Roberts in 1978. They were originally all cloth hand-made dolls called “Little People” and were sold in local trade shows. Then in 1982, he signed an agreement with a toy manufacturer, producing vinyl heads and changed the name to Cabbage Patch Kids.

The original Cabbage Patch Kids dolls have a body tag with the name of their manufacturer on it. These dolls were manufactured by Coleco from 1982 to 1988. I have here one with a tongue out, one with a pacifier and a dark skinned doll from the 80s.

You can easily identify from which year it came from by checking the markings at the back of its head, the side tag on its body or the Xavier Roberts signature stamp on the bum. Some have dates, others do not but the dolls can also be identified by year based on its signature color. Some collectors say when the signature is in black with no date, it will be one of the earliest CPK dolls! For the vintage ones, here are the color codes:

1983 – Black
1984 – Green (Preemies and Foreign Kids had Black signatures)
1985 – Blue
1986 – Red
1987 – Aqua
1988 – Lavender/Purple
1989 – Rose

My CPK wearing the green gingham has a red signature (1986) and side tag:

While the peach one with pacifier has the blue signature (1985) and OK factory code on the side body tag:

My brown-haired CPK in green lace dress has a CPK diaper, the black signature (1983) and P factory code on the side body tag:

Did you know that the first batch of Coleco Kids had embroidered tags and they are now considered rare? Check your babies now if they have it! I also have dark skinned CPK babies and the one on the right is so cute with a tooth showing out.

Here’s a sample how markings at the back of the head looks like:

My doll wearing pink gingham dress has a black signature (1983) and OK factory code on the side body tag:

The one in red has the red signature (1986) and P factory code on the side body tag:

Look! She has a CPK diaper too!

Koosas came out in 1985 but I have no other info since I only have one. Isn’t she cute?

Mine, sadly, has stitched but she has the KT factory code and she’s from 1983!

And these are some CPKs that are also worth collecting:
Original Coleco Cabbage Patch Kid (1983 and 1984)
Dark Skinned 1983 CPKs
CPKs Produced Overseas in 1984
Cabbage Patch Twins
1984 Preemies

Mattel also produced CPK from 1995. I have a Mattel version and it’s full vinyl body.

On the right, OAA, Inc. (2016) and on the left, Mattel First Edition (1991)

There is also a 2016 version from Baby So Real that has digital eyes with over 30 animated expressions and fully interactive!

Meet the kiddos: Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties Collection Farm Friends, Kallie The Kitty Baby Doll (2016), Phoebe Bunny (2019), and Forest Friend, Archer Owl (2017).

This 2016 Holiday Edition came with its original box, diaper and adoption certificate.

She was a Christmas present from my sister last 2017 that’s why I have here complete in box. This is her birth certificate and adoption papers:

Today, Cabbage Patch dolls are very popular among collectors and a first edition doll in good condition could be worth thousands of dollars. Do you also have a Cabbage Patch kid?

Ending this post with My Little Pretty Kitties, Heaven Heart (Pink/Green hair) and Zizi Gigi (Purple hair) from Mattel 1989!

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