The Doll Orphanage

Sharing some of my old and recent adopted dolls for my own reference because why not. It’s easier to track these babies when they’re searchable on Google!

My Princess by Joyce Wolfe (brunette) – I just love this face mold and hair color. It’s a beaded body. This was my second purchase of My Princess face mold. The first one has a blonde hair.

NPK reborn doll – adopted from a thrift shop. I find this mold so common but I still love her! I think the outfit made her look so much better. Kudos to the previous doll owner!

So cute in a bunny hoodie!

NPK reborn doll – adopted from an online seller friend. So I recently got trapped into live selling and this was one of my online purchases.

My Princess Joyce Wolfe (blonde) – my first “My Princess” because I cannot choose between brunette and blonde. This one comes in a soft body. Do you like the blonde or the brunette one?

Princess by Zapf Creations – This vintage doll is a replacement that my older brother bought in the 90s. He borrowed my doll for their Bethlehem diorama, but it got lost. I cried in front of him when he told me what happened, and guilt forced him to buy this doll. Haha! It records your voice when you press the left hand and plays the recording when you press the right hand.

Dumpling by Baby So Real – he’s the first baby I bought with my own sweldo. He comes with a diaper and if you look closely, he has vein details all over his skin!

Adora Baby Doll – This doll unleashed (wow) my doll restoration skills when I successfully switched his hands because I bought it magkabaliktad.

Seven lifelike baby dolls, and I don’t plan to add more simply because I have no more space in my room!

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