• Antiques, Vintage and Modern Dolls

    Antiques, Vintage and Modern Dolls

    During the first week of the Enhanced Community Quarantine imposed by the government due to covid virus, we all started some general cleaning in our house. I told my mom that she shouldn’t do everything all at once and reserve some tasks since we still have three more weeks to stay at home. She’s a […]

  • My Sweet Sue

    My Sweet Sue

    I decided to bring Sweet Sue out for a walk. Just grabbing some fresh air and pink thoughts. My brain got so drained with all the stress at work and some issues. One way for me to cope is to doll up and collect more dolls. Hoarder. Top from Japan // Skirt from Liz Lisa […]

  • Afrocat and Dentiste PH

    Afrocat and Dentiste PH

    Love that’s mint to be. Adding these new items from Dentiste Philippines in my kit. Because mints are essential! My fave is the Love Mint in a small tin case. It’s like a mini green pea peppermint candy with Mastic Oil that pops a fresh mint in your mouth. 🍃 Sharing some to my dear […]

  • Licca Doll and Friends

    Licca Doll and Friends

    Are you familiar with Licca Dolls? Licca dolls are dress-up dolls by Takara which are popular in Japan. I used to have one and she’s a hand-me-down from my sister. She was one of the ‘special girls’ and she could sit with the Barbies. However, my mom, being the antagonist during our childhood days, gave […]

  • Wallflower with Ashley

    Wallflower with Ashley

    Vacation mode on. I missed my doll Ashley so much so I invited her to go out with us. Of course, she accepted the invitation. Who wouldn’t want to get out of the glass cabinet? All dressed up in a checkered dress, a matchy bow on her head and pearl necklace which she stole from my […]

  • A Precious Tea Party

    A Precious Tea Party

    Reminiscing about my extraordinary birthday celebration this year. Some might think that this is a little weird, mad and unusual but I was so happy as one of my dreams came true and that’s to have a tea party with my dolls!

  • Kestner


    Meet my eldest doll, Kestner! A darling size at 18″ tall, she’s probably a late 1800’s doll with a 143 bisque head mold and fully jointed body. I am not really sure about the date but based on research, Kestner began using mold numbers in 1892. The company closed its doors in 1938, twenty years after […]

  • New Tickles Flagship Store Opens at SM Megamall

    New Tickles Flagship Store Opens at SM Megamall

    I was tickled pink after learning that Tickles opened their flagship store at Megamall just this month! So I went to their happy place for a quick shopping.

  • Toycon Philippines 2016

    Toycon Philippines 2016

    Last month, me and Eton went to Toycon at SMX for our yearly toy haul! Since every year, we see the usual Marvel/DC awesomeness, I opted to take snaps of what I personally find interesting.