What does what? TonyMoly The Hayan Cherry Blossom Whitening Essence, Lotion and Cream


I’m sure you’ve seen these products in beauty stores but what does what? I admit, sometimes I get confused as well haha and just last month, I saw this TonyMoly The Hayan Cherry Blossom items and I didn’t know which one to get and which one works best for my skin. Yikes! Let’s all review and differentiate these skincare products.


      As mentioned above, I saw these TonyMoly The Hayan Cherry Blossom whitening essence, lotion and cream in their stores and I got mental blocked what does what, probably because I was also in a hurry for a meeting. And they all look the same! I already forgot the differences! So I ended up purchasing all and reviewed my beauty lessons at home.

TonyMoly The Hayan Cherry Blossom contains 100% pure cherry blossom extract instead of distilled water giving more nutrients and leaf vitamins. It also contains Sakura Min leaving skin brighter after every application. I thought it would carry a strong floral sent, but no. I am loving its light refreshing scent.

TonyMoly The Hayan Cherry Blossom Whitenng Essence

tonymoly-cherry-blossom-3Php 848.00

Essence, contains ALL the essential ingredients that feed your skin nutrients in a less concentrated form. It is usually applied after toning your skin to add a layer of hydration. For my oily skin, essence works really well as I feel light and comfortable with its consistency.


Description: The Cherry Blossom Whitening Essence reminds one of the bright spring days of Jeju. The flower petals of Yoshino Cherry native to Hallasan Mountain in Jeju contain skin tone bright and clear, The firming gel essence provides pinkish glow and vitality to skin as it is absorbed densely into skin along skin texture.

If you’ve encountered a product in a serum form, it basically means it is the mini form of essence and it only carries the KEY ingredients that addresses a specific skin problem (ex. undereye wrinkles). Usually, it comes in a small bottle and it is more powerful than the essence. Emulsion, on the other hand, is the slightly watery form of essence. It is made lighter so you can use it together with the serum. It is basically used to hydrate and seal all the skincare products you’ve just pampered yourself with.

TonyMoly The Hayan Cherry Blossom Whitenng Lotion

tonymoly-cherry-blossom-2Php 728.00

In Korean skincare regimen and based on what I’ve read on the box description, you’ll apply the lotion after the essence. The lotion will act as the sealant of moisture.


TonyMoly The Hayan Cherry Blossom Whitening Cream

tonymoly-cherry-blossom-4Php 828.00

Cream is the richest form of moisturizer among all. It is most suitable for dry or ultra dry skin. Again, in a normal Korean skincare regimen and based on the instructions on its box, this is the last step to follow and apply.


If you have really dry skin, it would be great to apply the three in the right order. For me, I only use the essence in the morning then add the lotion at night as the final step. Yes, I skip the cream because it feels the heaviest.

It’s true, Koreans usually have a looong skincare routine to follow which, sometimes, reaches up to 15 steps! But you have to keep in mind that the weather in Korea is very different compared here in the Philippines. With four layers of moisturizer at night, I normally feel uncomfortable already. Is it okay to skip some steps? Yes, feel free to customize your own skincare regimen according to your needs.

For me, simpler packaging means that the product is more serious with its promise. That is main the reason why I picked these items. Second, it’s pink and it has whitening effects. I have yellowish skin tone and I really envy those people who have rosy white skin. I do hope that these products would help me achieve it as I finish the bottles. Will I recommend these products? Definitely! Since I don’t use any other product for clearing up the skin, I think The Hayan Cherry Blossom Whitening products helped me in clearing my pimple scars. Thank goodness they’re all healing slowly now. Other than that, I don’t see any other improvements on my skin.

Sorry for the long post! I hope you all learned something about essence vs serum vs lotion vs cream. If not, I hope it refreshed your memory about Korean skincare regimen or it made you want to get and try these products too. Do you agree with the info that I have? Let me know in the comment box below. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “What does what? TonyMoly The Hayan Cherry Blossom Whitening Essence, Lotion and Cream

  1. Goodluck po sana ma achieve mo na ang pinkish skin nyo, maganda naman talaga gumamit ng ganitong products kasi nakakanourish talaga sa dry skin. Lalo na talaga ako ang itim ko at dry skin pa:(thank you dahil alam ko na ang difference ng essence serum,cream and lotion♥

  2. Hindi po talaga ako gumagamit ng mga ganito, lotion para sa akin okay na. Hehe hindi pala. Need mo pa din gumamit ng ibang product, like this para mas lalong mag nourish yun skin and maging healthy siya tingnan. Masubukan nga nito. Hehe! Thanks for this info Ms. Carizza. Alam na kung anu ang gamit at kaibahan from serum, Lotion, and cream. 👍👍

  3. I’ve read this somewhere before pero nakakalimutan ko din lagi. There are so much stuff to apply on the skin para maachieve and flawless look. You’re right, we can skip some or add something to our beauty regimen depending on our skin type and the most important thing, dapat comfortable pa rin ang feeling!

  4. My golly! It makes me wanna go to Korea! One of my wildest dream travel destinations is Korea because of the Cherry blossoms. I wanna experience it waaahhh! 🙂 I love the fact that you purchased it because it’s pink haha. I also havr a yellowish skintone so this would be perfect for me too as it went pretty good on you Miss Carizza. And oh, I also remembered about that Korean Skin Care Steps. Can’t remember how many steps are they pero siguro sa dami nun ang nipis na ng balat talaga ng mga Koreans. Kaya ang kikinis nila eh masyado sila talagang nagiinvest sa skincare kaloka. Haha

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