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I’ve been dying to try Pony Effect Cosmetics ever since it was released in the market so I was so ecstatic when I saw her line available at Althea. Hurray, I can easily order and get the product that I want immediately! I really wanted to get at least two products from her collection but I had to keep in mind that I visited Althea because I ran out of concealer and toner. And I was like, “Forget about priorities and the budget, it’s Pony. And it’s just ONE additional product.” Can anyone relate? XD



It has a black/gold packaging with a note that it’s Animal Testing Free. Yay! On top of the lipstick cap, you could see a streamlined lightning logo, which is a subtle yet interesting detail.



You could also see the same lightning logo embossed on the lipstick itself.



There were ten shades available and since I limited my self to purchasing only one, I had a hard time choosing the best shade for myself. I can’t decide between Someday Somewhere and Rush Hour but I ended up with the latter. Rush hour is very sophisticated and a great match for everyday lipstick.


It has a semi-matte and soft velvety texture which leaves a soft and smooth feel on the lips. It doesn’t look chapped nor feel dry too. Its highly pigmented formula makes one swipe easy.


pony-makeup-9Php 1100

With so many impressive lipsticks in the market, I think I would easily forget about this one. I could get a similar lipstick for a lower price – and probably with a better or more interesting packaging. I just like the fact that they don’t test on Animals. Oh, I would really consider this brand for that. Have you tried any Pony Effect products? What do you think about Pony’s makeup line?

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4 thoughts on “Pony Effect Outfit Velvet Lipstick

  1. Haven’t tried any product from Pony effect yet but I’ve read a number of blogs from K-beauty fanatic raving about Miss Pony’s make-up line. Some liked the products, and some have negative feedback. Just like you, I liked that it’s not tested on animals, cruelty-free. Sana lahat ng cosmetics brand lalo na yung mga high-end, sumunod din sa ganito, cruelty-free, paraben-free. 😊

  2. grabe tenetest pala mga cosmetics sa animals;( I feel sad for them..Haven’t tried Pony yet at pricey sya.;( but I like the shade.

    1. Rabbits, guinea pigs, monkeys etc. Chncheck kung magkakaallergic reaction sa chemicals. Sobrang kawawa sila.

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