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I recently got Leaders Insolution Aquapore Lentil Bean Seed Anti-Sebum Masks from Leaders. I can’t take of my eyes on them because the colors of the packaging give me mermaid feels! But seriously, I think this mask suits me because I have oily, pimple-friendly skin!

leaders-aquapore-mask-2Php 178.00

The packaging is made of high quality matte plastic with a combination of metallic blue green and purple colors. It definitely reminded me of the ocean. Leaders Insolution Aquapore Lentil Bean Seed is also available in Clearing Mask (all blue green), Firming Mask (with brown highlight) and Moisture Mask (with blue highlight).


This anti-sebum mask controls excess sebum and refines dead skin cells to keep skin refreshed all the time. Lentil Bean Seed helps tighten pores and control excess sebum for a softer skin. Good for all skin types.

Skin Effect Promises:
Controls Moisture
Controls Sebum
Dead Skin Cell Care
Tighten Pores

How to Use: Wipe skin with toner after washing face. Take out mask and remove the papers attached to it on both sides. Take mask off after resting for 10-15 minutes. Lightly pat face to help essence absorb onto face.

leaders-aquapore-mask-4Take off these papers that protect the gel mask

Before using this mask, please check the description at the back of packaging first and see if there is any ingredient that may be not be suitable for your sensitive skin.



Blogger Tip: I keep on mentioning this, but it is really better if you store the masks in the fridge. The cold gel mask will help tighten the pores quickly.

After using it for two days, I noticed that my skin is already glowing and some dark spots diminished. Although, the t-zone still becomes greasy, I am glad that it is less oily than before. My skin feels moisturized after every use and doesn’t flake as well. However, greasiness is back to normal the next day. So if you really want to control excess sebum, you have to apply this regularly.

One of my favorites from Leaders is the cheap Anti-Trouble with Green Tea but I am recently trying out their Anti-Wrinkle masks (the brown ones), hoping for good results. Will let you know when I notice big changes. I like gel masks so this Aquapore passed already. I am just hoping I could hoard for a cheaper price? What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “Leaders Insolution Aquapore Lentil Bean Seed Anti-Sebum Mask

  1. Woah! Leaders Ph! I followed them on instagram last December if I’m not mistaken. Quiet pricey for me haha!
    I tried some masks from watsons, the gold one. The result became ” 🙁 ”
    So now, I’m looking for masks that really suits my skin, I hope leaders can achieve my expectations.

  2. Wow! Very affordable price! I have big pores and some mask or serum I tried are either pricey or not effective. I’ll look for this product soon. And later, I’ll store some of my mask to the fridge. Thanks for the tip .

  3. I love Leaders face masks!!! As in! Pang “me time” ko yan simula nung maging mommy ako. Fave ko gamitin yung AC dressing white velvet and Aqua Cell Skin Seed Mask.. Ang ganda sa face.. After ko gamitin, parang ang smooth, glowing and soft ng skin ko. Nilalagay ko din sila sa fridge before ko gamitin. Check ko sa weekend kung meron nyan Aquapore sa SM Makati, para ma-try.

      1. Yes… Maganda kasi yung masks nila kaya nag-stick na ko sa Leaders. Pag nakapromo sila sinasamantala ko talaga para makatipid. 😂 sinasama ko si baby sa pagpunta sa store nila sa lucky china town para bumili..sa mga concept stores lang kasi sila madalas magpromo.sa dept store sa sm makati, di pa ko naka-tyempo.

  4. I love using masks especially Leaders masks kasi tlgang mabilis epekto ng masks nila sa face ko and within a week maganda result sa face ko..I felt the smoothness and really cleanse na gusto kong mangyari ay nabibigay ng masks. Dapat tlagang tuloy2 lang paggamit ng masks para sa tuloy2 na magandang skin cells na ating kinakailangan, kasi naman di naman mawawala ang air pollution and stress at puyat. Kya we need na sabayan naman na tlga ng mga skin care products.

  5. Wow..thank you for the recommendation Ms.Carizza actually oily and acne prone skin din ako kaya lalo na ngayong summer tlgang oily kung oily itatry ko po yung mask promise.. 🙋🙋🙋 and ang cute po pala ng headband nio heheh.. I’m glad I found your blog po. 😀

  6. Yay! I’m still in search of what mask best suits my oily skin.. I wanna try this one and the Anti Trouble Green Tea . I’ve tried the one from Watson’s but didn’t give me noticeable result . I hope this one works with me. 🙂 Thank you for this :*

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