Listerine Healthy White with Lemon & Salt


Want healthy white smile in 2 weeks? Get the hottest-selling Listerine Healthy White with Lemon & Salt.


The new Listerine Healthy White lifts stains and prevents new stains from forming on the teeth. If you love coffee just like me, you would definitely love this product. Now you can feel confident to enjoy your favorite coffee, tea or wine! It’s a multi-action mouthwash which helps reduce stain formation on teeth. It also helps form a protective shield against stains and fights germs that cause plaque and bad breath.


Ingredients and directions are shown at the back:



Now show your bold, white smile that makes you stand out and confident just like a celebrity! Purchase NOW from BeautyMNL ( and leading supermarkets nationwide!

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7 thoughts on “Listerine Healthy White with Lemon & Salt

  1. Ay wow! gusto ko yan ah! I’ve beeen a listerine user na for 3 years and tlgang d ko feel na malinis mouth ko kapag toothbrush lang..Gusto ko yan kasi I love coffee so much! which causes naman tlga ng bad breath ko and yellowish teeth…Bili ako nyan.

  2. Saw a lot of post about Listerine Healthy White on IG. Kaya napabili kami sa supermarket para ma-try. I can say na ok naman sya.. Pero wala ko pa sya two weeks nagagamit.

  3. Nakakaintriga! haha I am a Listerine user eversince, pero hindi ko pa nata try to .. ma-try nga! Kahit naman kse magtoothbrush tayo ng magtoothbrush, it’s not enough. Di natin masasabi na clean na ung mouth naten. Kaya pak to!

  4. I bought one too 😀 medyo nag-whiten nga po compared sa dati, almost two weeks na. Madalas po kasi labas yung teeth ko sa photos kaya important sakin whiter yung teeth ko. Mas higher price po kesa sa regular Listerine pero okay lang. 😊

  5. This mouthwash is perfect for a coffee lover like us.. (Well, I’m more of a coffee addict hehe)
    When brushing is not enough, Listerine is to the rescue! Sakto, isabay ko na with my other purchase. Hangga’t P50 lang sf sa BeautyMNL 🙂

  6. Wow. Madam I will surely try this one. I think na much better to with other listerine. I really love coffee so I will try this. I think this is one of the best products of listerine. Thanks for sharing about this madam 😊

  7. Tamang-tama nakita ko ‘tong post mo. Naghahanap ako ng mouthwash namin ni hubby. Naintriga ako bigla dito sa Listerine Healthy White. 🙂

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