Maybelline launches its boldest lipstick collection ever – The Loaded Bolds Mattes!


Few weeks ago, I was invited to Maybelline’s sneak peek on their latest products including The Loaded Bolds Mattes!


Finally, we got a chance to try Fit Me! It’ll be out in the market very soon! I haven’t tried this because I was too lazy to buy online and handle the stress of customs. I’ll share more about this line soon!


maybelline-loaded-bolds-3Light foundation, be mine!


Three Maybelline Squad girls are celebrating their birthdays this month too! Happy birth month ladies! Can you guess the three birthday celebrants?




And at last, we also had a chance to try all shades of Loaded Bolds Mattes!




Every girl knows that it takes guts to flaunt some of the boldest beauty looks that come out of the runway. But with the launch of the latest lipstick collection from the No. 1 makeup brand in the world, Maybelline New York, every girl will surely go for the boldest shade. Think black and blue, the Loaded Bolds by Color Sensational truly boasts bold and edgy shades that we only see in the catwalk.





The launch of this newest lipstick collection also showcased a fashion show with special guests Maureen Wroblewitz and Jennica Sanchez from Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5.



Besides the fashion show, both contenders shared with the audience their experience being in the top model reality show.


Thanks a lot Maybelline for the wonderful afternoon! Now, as promised, I am giving away Loaded Bolds Matte lipsticks here in my blog! Lucky Commenter of the Month will take home 10 shade! Could it be you? Good luck!


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39 thoughts on “Maybelline launches its boldest lipstick collection ever – The Loaded Bolds Mattes!

  1. Wow. Super ganda ng mga shades madam. I hope I can try one of that bolds mattes lipsticks. I hope I will win so that I can share to my besfriend and my mom the new Maybellines Bold Matte Lipsticks I think they will loved this also.

  2. Wow naman! Ten shades yung ipapagiveaway mo. So lucky ng mananalo.. Yung birthday celebrants, si Kaycee saka si Genzel lang ang alam ko.. Di ko knows yung pangatlo.

  3. This event was amazing! They coordinate it very well and Maybelline New York did a great job in the launch of there newest boldest and fearless lippies the Loaded Bolds lines are truly the most pigmented lippies in the world and it does make your lips an extra unique. Imagine to mix match the colour of black,blue and white wow it was brilliant. The two top models are gorgeous. Hoping to try these ten shades and it would be perfect for my hot summer escapade.

  4. 10 shades 😍😍😍
    Different shades po a day. So 10 days different shades of lipsticks? Astig. Hehe. Everyday na papasok sa work different shades. Haha. Pero if I win. 1 at a time po muna para tumagal abutin ng next year ang supplies hehe and sympre po share para madami pang dumating na blessings katulad niyo po madam kaya dami blessings kasi you are sharing this with us pero sympre gusto ko sya matry lahat in 1 day 😂😂😂
    #LoadedBoldMatteLipsticks 💄💄💄💄

  5. That was an awesome event! I can imagine the feeling of being around with a beautiful ladies and lotsa Maybelline Make up!! And Maybelline never fail to surprise girls with their lippie shades! I think I’m gonna try the blue and black one 🙂
    Excited much ako whoever is the lucky lady.. She’ll definitely love all the shades, especially the fact that it came from you :*

  6. Si ms. Kaycee, ms. Genzel and ms. Mari ung tatlong birthday celebrants! 😍😍😍 Sana anjan din ni madam Rochelle para kumpleto kayong favorite bloggers ko na anjan. hihihi super generous mo madam Carizza! Imagine? 10 shades ng Loaded Bold matted? ayyy heaven! Kahit isa nga lang jan mapanalunan ko, super happy na ko 🙂 galing kase sayo 😉 Di ako sinuwerte dun sa Live giveaway mo sayang hihihi gustong gusto ko kse talaga matry ung Fearless Purple o kaya ung Audacious Blue. Haaayyy .. kung sino ka man mananalo, you are so lucky! pahingi isa hihihi 😉 madam thank you sa generousity mo 🙂 kaya super blessed ka ☺😙

  7. I was able to watch this event through FB live of one of the birthday celebrants, Ms. Genzel! She dared to wear the blue shade from the new collection and to my surprise, it looked good on her. The other two celebrants were Ms. Kaycee and Ms. Mari. Super lucky ng magiging winner nyo po for this month kasi super nice ng shades ng Maybelline Loaded Bold Mattes plus yung finish is really matte. I love this collection because it broke the stereotype lipsticks shades, who would have thought of wearing black, white or blue lipstick? I thought hindi maganda but I was wrong, ang ganda ganda pala. These lipsticks are worth wearing by women who dares to be bold and has strong personality.

  8. Hi Ms. Carriza😊 I used to follow local and international beauty vloggers, and recently youre one of them!:) Aside from learning the do’s and donts, hacks, latest, what to buy & etc…
    what I really love is the non stop give aways and freebies of vloggers highly recommended stuff. Hoping I could get my first ever give away! More power! Thanks & Godless.😊😍😙

  9. “Lips without Lipstick are like Cake without Frosting!.” 😊😊😊

    Cool new shades and we cannot wait to surely try it out! Kudos Maybelline to launching new shades that will surely be going to a hit! 😊😊😊

  10. Love the colors!!! Refreshing sa paningin yung blue.. reminds me of the ocean and sky… all lippies will surely make a statement.. ^_^

  11. I love Maybelline! I was super excited when they announced that Maybelline Loaded Bolds will be available in the Philippines. I had watched multiple videos of vloggers when they first launched in the US. Can’t wait maging available yung black and blue. #lippiegoals

  12. Wooooow Maybelline just nailed it!! Gusto ko matry yung Audacious Blue tapos #2coolforSummer hahaha.
    I also wanna start my own blog and do a lot of make up tutorials. But I still lack of the materials po. This giveaway of yours will be a huge help to me. I LOVE MAKE UP AND I LOVE YOU TOO 😭

  13. Hoping that i’m the lucky girl who will win this. 😍😍😍 And sana mameet po kita madam Carizza. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks for sharing tips about make ups. 😊

  14. Woah! Ang astig at ang ganda ng new shades! Bold na bold. 😍

    “You’ll only regret the lipstick you didn’t wear”

  15. OH MY GOSSSH! They even have the blue one! Nice bold lipsticks could bring you anywhere! I would love to win this giveaway and then i’ll have different lipsticks for different occasions. This would be perfect for my new job, if i ever get hired (hehe). Love those colors though. Goodluck lovelies! xoxo

  16. A MAYBELLINE BLUE SHADE?! So excited for this collection! The nude mattes and powder mattes were really good! Can’t wait to try this out and also the Maybelline Fit Me! Thanks for the swatches! ☺️

  17. I am not into bold lipsticks, more on nude ung mga shades na pinipili ko lagi. But who knows, baka I can try to wear them if I will be chosen. Maiba naman ng shades, lol.

  18. Oooh love the shades! Also, currently obsessed with mattes. Hope I can try one of these.

    P.S. ate na doble po hehe
    “with special guests Maureen Wroblewitz and Maureen Wroblewitz…” :))

  19. I’m a big fan of Maybelline lipsticks. I tried their creamy mattes, rosy mattes & powdery mattes. I think loaded bold mattes is suitable for me since I always go for dark shades of lipstick like Divine Wine & Nude Nuance. I hope I’ll win. 😍

  20. Wow such a wonderful event, Maybelline keeps on exploring to give is is exceptional beauty buddies through their make up. I really love it now that they launch their BOLD MATTES huhu, Matte fanatic here! I hope I can have all of them, but if not I’ll definitely try my best to buy as much as I can! Sana next time I can be part of such events din! 😄

  21. as always maybelline has delivered its brand promise. beauty that resonates high quality that wont break our budget.

    i’ve been an avid maybelline user for years. from their water shine lipstick collections to their latest matte looks. the most important quality i liked is that it is long wearing and doesn’t dry your lips.

    with other brands that launched their matte lippies…they tend to be too dry right??with maybelline,lips stay hydrated…
    flaunt your sexy smile sans the cracky/flaky lip look!

    maybelline has kept good quality at the best price. just go to any department stores …see the beauty counters… look for the maybelline.

    oh and one more thing.
    whether your havin a blast or you feel like your having the worst day ever… swipe on your maybelline lipstick and look on the bright side. smile even if its pilit! its a game changer because really, moping around wont get us anywhere.
    stay positive and confident cause we could always try something new right?
    have a great day!!!

  22. Oh wow!what a treat it would be;) but really maybelline has always been a go to brand ever since i could start using make up. I remember scrimping my allowance so i could get the latest ” it” shade . Thank goodness that its always worth the money. Good quality make for every filipina;)

  23. Eversince I love Maybeline and it never fails to surprise me with new kinds of lippie shades. This time I hope I can win even just one red matte lipstick for my mom’s birthday on May 3. I also want one but this time I think it would be nicer if I share the product and the experience of wearing such great lipstick with my love one.

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